Cruis'n Isn't The Worst-Looking Wii Game Anymore


Color me puzzled. Why would anyone, and I mean anyone, want to port a horrid, mostly unseen coin-op rail shooter from 2004 to the Wii?

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TheIneffableBob3607d ago

Looks like something you'd see in those all-in-one game consoles you see at Wal-Mart.

Neurotoxin3607d ago

Oh my that truely is Sh*t. I`ve played better looking mobile phone games.

Bnet3433607d ago

that Cruis'n game looks like SNES ganme, no joke.

MK_Red3607d ago

Come on, that Cruis'n does look dated but not that much. If we consider Cruis'n a SNES game then this Target game is Atari 2600.

DeckUKold3607d ago

Nintendo step in and stop this.

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