PlayStation 4: 13 Features required for Sony’s Triumphant come-back

Is Sony ready to offer what it takes for a triumphant come-back as the leader in Console game business ?

With so much speculation regarding the development of Next generation of consoles, it’s definitely worth considering what might be in store for us when it comes to Sony’s next big leap in the console business, the PlayStation 4.

These are quite possibly the most anticipated 13 features that every hardcore gamer desperately wants to be included in the Next generation Sony Console.

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geniusgamerdoc2250d ago

For me all that matters is the Stable Framerate, Backward compatibility, HTML 5 Web browser and re-designed joystick.

j-blaze2250d ago

wow you just added 3 more features to the same article you wrote a while ago and reposted it again...

how genius

specialguest2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

How the hell did this get approved?!? The title of this original post was:

Playstation 4: 13 Features that are desperately needed

This makes it officially the 3rd time the same article has been posted by the website owner. There needs to be some sort of penalty for this action when the owner of the site knowly repost this several times.

My original comment 60days ago:

Reason #4. Innovative Console Design contradicts #1. Smart Pricing.

Smaller/slimmer design means pricier hardware. Imagine the PS3 Slim with its more compact hardware/internals released during the 2006 launch instead of PS3 Fat. I'm sure the price would've exceeded $600.

Gaming1012249d ago

Innovative design? That picture of a console which they think is "innovatively designed" looks more like something you store in your bathroom to weigh yourself on lol

MaxXAttaxX2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

1) 2) and 3) are a given.

4) That's secondary.

5) You want Near on a non-portable home system? Other than that, cross game chat is a given. PS Vita does it for FREE.

6) and 7) are a given.

8) Possible.

9) No thanks. The N64 had a terrible analogue stick position and no one bitched about that. Why mess with what works.
There could be a slight size increase, but otherwise... meh.

10) Possible, but people shouldn't get their hopes up.

11) I guess.

12) Better than the PS3's? That's a given.

13) Possible.

2250d ago
CarlitoBrigante2250d ago

Lol reason 4:

"though Sony have been very successful in designing great looking consoles and Handhelds which are also very stable when it comes to sheer performance and durability, it’s really time for them to design a great design as well as to shove their habit of releasing a Slimmer version after a Couple of year down the road. Instead it would be better to design a slim console at launch itself without it becoming an afterthought."

Does this guy even know what he's talking about?! The point of releasing Slimmer versions of consoles is because it wasn't possible at launch. With components becoming cheaper and smaller they're able to make their console smaller. This guy probably thinks releasing Slim version years later is a marketing trick lol.

mewhy322250d ago

redesign the controller to be more like the xbox 360's, offer more developer friendly hardware design, redesign PSN to more resemble Xbox Live, do a major updrage to the Blu Ray drive's seek times and throughput.

sikbeta2249d ago

lol @ reason 4, yep, because it has nothing to do with the thing being designed to avoid heat problems at all (e_e)

Sarick2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Redesign the controller? NO..
I disagree unless it has the option to chose what spot the hat/left analog is on. Meaning, you can move the analog to where the d-pad is or leave it whee L3 is on PS3.

This way gamers can choose where thy want the left analog vs forcing everyone into the same design.

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Ulf2250d ago

"stable framerate" -- competely under the control of software, NOT hardware.

"Backward compatibility" -- I'm sure the PS3 will still be available, and not many people want to pay $100 extra for a feature they will rarely use.

"Re-designed joystick" -- the DualShock is the BEST controller in existence, and a LOT of PlayStation fans agree. The one, and ONLY thing better about, for example, the 360 controller, is the easy-to-use- triggers. If changing the curve of L2 & R2 somewhat, is what you mean, than I suppose I can agree.

sknygy2250d ago

To start with this article is poorly written.

"Sony are really good at making Controller compared any other controller till date."

Oh my!

Second of all, I have to disagree. I've always found the Dual Shock to be the least comfortable and definitely the least attractive controller, except perhaps the original Xbox. My favourite controller of all time, with regards to comfort, has to be the GameCube pad (or even WaveBird). It melted into your hands.
I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but my favourite controller for actual control style has to be the Wii Remote. FPS's have never been so enjoyable. :)

mcstorm2249d ago

For me sony need a new joypad design as its getting old now and its also too small for my hands. I think the only other things they should do are bring the console out at around £250 bring out lbp 3 lbp karting, uc4 gt6 and a new ms game all having full mp and party chat. They also need to make the updates quicker and installs quicker too. If you still have to install the games make sure it has at lest a 500gb hdd. If they do that plus keep what the ps3 now has it will sell well.

Looking at my psv sony are looking at doing that.

hiredhelp2249d ago

Youll never get stable framerate average trame rate differs per game..
USB 3.0 ha ha ok pointless but ok. Blue ray 100gb? You mean blue ray XL well apart from few games this gen thats used a 50gb blue ray notsure if its needed.
Dual hdmi for co-op was ot split screen eaither way at this point im wondering who wrote this..
8x AA well if you going there all i can hope for is console gamers get dx11.

BrunoM2249d ago

i like the ideas ... AS LONG AS THEY DONT MESS WTH MY DUALSHOCK3 lol....

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mathsman2250d ago

Put the analogue stick in the right place. More games use analogue than digital these days, why does digital still have priority placement?!

KUV19772250d ago

The 'right place' is kind of an opinion, isn't it? For me the sticks are in a perfect position. What you consider as 'the right' place couldn't be more wrong for me.

mathsman2250d ago

What, in the natural position that your thumb rests? Yeah, OK. ;)

KUV19772250d ago

I don't know about your hands but my thumbs feel pretty natural on the stick while still having great grip of the whole controller. Moving the thumb more to the upper left side of the controller would be way more cramp inducing for me and not natural at all. Still in the end i guess one could get used to it but for me it's really at an optimum the way it is.

Biggest2250d ago

"What, in the natural position that your thumb rests?"

I'm not sure about you, but human thumbs rest where they're placed. Care to explain why one human thumb should be placed differently than the other?

sikbeta2249d ago

IF you don't want the sticks to be changed, at least make them more comfortable, I want a bigger controller, the thing is made for kids and the L2+R2 pedal-buttons are annoying (hate them in GOW games), though useful in GT5 :D

JellyJelly2249d ago

@KUV1977 - Ergonomically correct/incorrect isn't an opinion.

gamingdroid2249d ago


I agree. To the vast majority of people, ergonomic isn't preferential. It just is!

One might prefer to sit slouching, but it certainly isn't ergonomic!

KUV19772249d ago

No, it certainly is not but I would like to see the study that proves the analogue stick on the upper left to be more ergonomic than in the position it is right now. Just because some people feel that it is more ergonomic doesn't mean it is automatically the truth. And unless there is objective proof for the better position it remains an opinion.
Just try the controller in your hand and place the thumb on the controllers as they are right now. Then try it on the digital pad and then watch your thumb as you do. The position as it is right now seems much more relaxed to me. And it feels also as if you could play much longer in that position - actually personal case studies have proven that I can play in that position for hours without fatigue or cramps. But notice how I use the word 'seems' as I can not speak for all of human kind as it is just the way I feel and as long as you don't have real proof that the thumb stick in any other position is more ergonomic I suggest you don't use 'absolute facts' like that and call whatever you prefer your opinion until backed up by proof.

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SandwichHammock2250d ago

I second that, the placement and the controller are perfect for me, but then again I grew up with the Playstation. The only stab I have against the controllers is the quality. There is a huge difference in the controllers from the original FATs to the ones that are available now. Obvious shoddy plastic is obvious.

As for the article. I didn't know Sony needed a comeback. To what does this relate: sales? market share? pants?

The only "features" I want in the next playstation (for all next gen consoles for that matter) is better physics and the TOTAL elimination of any type of pop in, be it texture or geometry.

Back to my morning bagel.


Tonester9252249d ago

Maybe put more weight into the controllers. Hmmm Gun Metal controllers?

xRyan2250d ago

Sony needs to reinvent their online gaming comment with the PS4 ... come close to Xbox Live will give them more hardware sales.

TheUnbiasedLion2250d ago

There is nothign wrong with sony's online gaming. Plus the fact that it is free is a real winner for me.

I do like my XBL but tbh PSN wins overal litrally cause its free and offers basically the same experience.

CarlitoBrigante2250d ago

PSN is all I need, I dont want to pay 60 dollaz to play online function of my purchased game.

All Sony needs to do is revamp the XMB so its more social friendly. The Vita storted it out, it even has X game chat.

RememberThe3572249d ago

Though you got swamped with disagrees by overly sensitive fanboys, your right. Sony has been working on their network to get it on the level of Live. Ask any Sony employee and they'll tell you that Live is a more interactive platform, maybe not "better" but it has more interactive features. The next gen is going to need to be even more interactive and Sony is going to need to capitalize on that to recapture the 50 million people they lost to the 360.

Sony has the games (for the most part), but next gen they really need to show that they have the network and the OS to help people connect and interact. The more you can tear down the walls space puts between us the more popular your product will be.

And in my honest opinion all the people who claim they don't want anything more than what they have now are out of their minds. Not only that but Sony will deliver on everything these people claim they don't want and they'll act like they never knew how they lived without it.

xRyan2249d ago

Its glad to see someone who knows what they are talking about. PSN is good, but currently it cannot compete with Xbox Live. Sony needs to reinvent their online network with more features so that they can get back the core online players. If they do that, PS4 sales will be so much greater than PS3, and Xbox 360. Sony has the games, and the hardware ... they just need a better online community ... even if we have to pay for it.

Fanboys will be fanboys, so no arguing with them. They will disagree with you also even though you talk the truth.

DragonKnight2249d ago

If someone didn't get a PS3 because it has one or two less features than Live, they didn't want the console to begin with. PSN doesn't have to compete with Live since it offers pretty much everything Live does, is easy to navigate, and is free. PSN only has to compete with itself and do things on its own. If you think core gamers aren't happy with PSN, then you're speaking for people you shouldn't be and you're not paying attention.

Would more features be good. Sure. Are they crucial? Not by a long shot. A gaming console shouldn't be more like a PC when its main purpose is playing games. I don't need facebook to play games, I don't need 3901248712390482374 different chat features to play games, and that's just a fact.

BitbyDeath2249d ago

They already did it on the Vita so no doubt that'll carry over to the PS4 as well.

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Disccordia2250d ago

They are already on the right path. Just need some slight changes to that controller and invest heavily on creating a quality operating system and they are pretty much set.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2250d ago

Next Gen consoles are gonna be so freaking powerful. Just looking at the WII U you can tell. It can do 1080p at 60fps so you know the next xbox and ps4 are gonna go higher than that. Even the new Ipad can produce resolutions higher than HD tv's and it's portable O.o. The next generation consoles are gonna be bleeding edge. Talking about 4k resolutions and 300 fps. TV's are just barely getting there but of course sony will use the ps4 as a trojan horse to get those new tv's into people's living rooms.

limewax2250d ago

lol really? 4k rez at 300FPS? would that be with games in DX11?

You do realise you would need something like this to make that possible right?

Seriously I have no idea where you get the idea of 4k at 300FPS from. You think your eyes would even be able to register a full 300FPS?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2249d ago

the current generations of consoles (which is 7 years old) highest resolution is over 2million pixels. The new Ipad's resolution is over 3million and it's a freaking portable. Technology moves faster than people care to realize. There are already cameras that support 4k resolution videos (they're expensive as heck but they exist. Sony just shipped there $65k true 4k camera in January). Youtube currently is the only website that hosts 4k resolution videos. By the time next generation starts the cost of the tech will have dropped. And even if they don't use true 4k res there is still "fake" 4k or even 2k. But it's gonna happen.

I_am_Batman2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

What the ...? Again this 4k thing. Now once and for all: That's not gonna happen. Do you even know how much processing power you need to render 300fps in 4k? It means the graphic processor needs to render over 12,000,000 pixel 300 times a second. It would need a 30 times more powerful processor to do that than to render 1080p in 60fps with the same details. 4k TV's make no sense for home usage. You would only see a difference if the TV has an over 60" display.

I agree that we need at least 60fps standard if we want to see high quality 3d games in the next generation. But there is no need to go beyond 1080p. It would just be a waste of processing power which could be used for a lot of fantastic things instead.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2249d ago

what the heck are you talking about. Youtube already hosts 4k resolutions on their website. There are already cameras out there that can record in 4k. Prolly not at 300fps but then again they're portable.

RyuCloudStrife2249d ago

PS4 will do that I'm so certain of it I'm willing to pay cash. You think the PS3 was a supercomputer? The PS4 will be beyond imagining I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

limewax2249d ago

I normally wouldn't respond to such a comment but just so you know, supercomputers are humongous, much bigger than a PC, or a TV, in fact you would have trouble fitting one in your living room. So no, no Sony product is or ever will be a supercomputer.

I love Sony products but seriously people, you need to brush up on tech before commenting about it

AKA2249d ago

woW how low standart pc nerds have im ashame of them 4k is the next big thing and sony will go for it.
disagree all you want if that helps you to sleep happy but they have already show 4k tv and even gt4 was running on it at 4k resolition or near it..

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