Are Western games ruining Japanese games?

theBitFix writes: Phil Fish thinks Japanese games suck, but why? theBitFix writer Philip Wilson-Smith proposes Western games might be to blame.

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NYC_Gamer2247d ago

Western games have nothing to do with the problems that Japanese studios are dealing with.

ape0072247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

I hate when some is blaming others for their failure, do what u gotta do, do the best thing u can and see how gamers react, don't make Ninja Gaiden 3 and say God Of War ruined the market?

ritsuka6662247d ago

Are Western games ruining Japanese games?"

Nope, japanese devs are crap in this gen,the truth is Japanese devs are really behind Western devs,they never kept up with the times and now their games all feel dated and sluggish.

Shivan2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

western games have there own problems

Japanese games have there own problems.............but despite all this if you want all the creativity and originality games have to offer.......we need japan......

While I dont like the words used in the article, he is right. But what he says doesnt sell, actually does sell

I mean when I think of creativity in the platforming, action adventure, fighting, rpg, puzzzle spaces I think of mario galaxy, zelda, blazblue, valkyria chronicles, layton

all japanese titles this gen

what we really need less of is these shoddy articles, and paying attention to nothing developers like fish who doesnt believe what he says ( because his game rips off japanese games) and focus on gamin

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The story is too old to be commented.