Rumor: Bully's semester on Wii and Xbox 360 begins March 3

Joystiq writes:

"Jimmy Hopkins is supposedly ready to kiss the girls (and boys) at Bullworth Academy on Wii and Xbox 360 starting March 3. Bully: Scholarship Edition will feature "new content" and that's still all about we know at this point. Perhaps we'll get a little hands-on time with it at GDC, but we don't even really know if the Wii version will have waggle and the Xbox 360 will sport better textures."

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predator3729d ago

i forgot about this i wonder if they will improve the graphics for the 360 version

KidMakeshift3729d ago

It'll be on par with Tomb Raider Legend and Hitman Blood Money in regards of upgraded ports

WilliamRLBaker3729d ago

if they upgrade the graphics and such....content is all ways good but the original game wasn't a wonder it was just GTA PG13.

ScorponokG13728d ago

so does this mean they are including jack thompson in the game this time as the bully..