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Afterthoughts: Gravity Daze "A Mandatory Purchase"

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer talks about why Gravity Daze is a masterpiece, why it wouldn't work on the PS3, compares it to the Xbox 360 exclusive Crackdown, and a few other things. (Crackdown, Gravity Daze, Gravity Rush, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360)

Jio  +   943d ago
Can't wait, May really can't get here soon enough!
Amin17  +   943d ago
A must buy. nuff said.
cpayne93  +   943d ago
THE game which is going to make me buy a Vita. There are other games I'm interested in, but this one looks really promising.
gijsbrecht  +   943d ago
I played a demo of Gravity Rush at my local gamestore and immediately fell in love with its looks and gameplay. It's due at the beginning of April, is it not?
DeeZee  +   943d ago
June 12th in the U.S., and the 13th for Europe.
gijsbrecht  +   942d ago
Ah, thanks. Have to wait a little longer then.
tiffac008  +   943d ago
This is one of my most awaited games of the year. I can't wait~
tarbis  +   943d ago

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hazelamy  +   942d ago
it looks like a great game, but come on, those reasons for not making it for the ps3?

tilt controls and comic book presentation?

the ps3 can do tilt controls, it's just for most games tilt controls don't really work that well, if this is one of the few where they do, well, like i said, the ps3 can do tilt controls just fine.

and comic book presentation?
funny, it seemed to work pretty well on ps3 for the infamous games.

and how would voices ruin the experience?
bad voice acting would, sure, but good voice acting can ad a lot to a game.
they don't do all text cutscenes for the effect, well, a very few do, but for the most part, they do it because it's cheaper.

i hope to get this game at some point in the future when i've got a vita, which i will sooner or later, but there's no reason this wouldn't be just as good on ps3 as it is on vita.
DigitalAnalog  +   942d ago
I can think of a few reasons.
Budget and Competition.

On the PS3, it may not stand up against the AAA exclusives as Japan Studio (other than Team ICO) are known for having standard budgeted games. Nevertheless, the competition is extremely fierce and a game like this may fall wayside if it doesn't stand up to the other titles.

On the Vita, the budget is far cheaper and can be easily stand-out being a launch title. Moreover, the Vita's new controls are more natural as you could tilt and see the screen at the same time making the effect better. A title that stands up on it's own plus using the Vita's capabilities is a far more sensible marketing decision for this game and nevertheless it does give the Vita the extra quality boost it needs to have a justified purchase.
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DeeZee  +   942d ago
Well said, I agree!

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