Nintendo 3DS delivers first birthday surprise

Nintendo Universe writes:

As the Nintendo 3DS reaches the ripe old age of one, Nintendo have suitably delivered a present to owners of their latest handheld system.

Those that head to their StreetPass Mii Plaza will find that a special Mii adorning a blue top and pair of silky golden pants, Mr. Iwata, has been delivered through SpotPass as a StreetPass visitor!

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PopRocks3591946d ago

Oh, that's a bummer. I don't seem to have gotten him yet. And the article says nothing about this being exclusive to any one region.

Seedhouse1946d ago

Ah, it's only applicable in Europe at the moment!

PopRocks3591946d ago

Nuts. Here's hoping Iwata comes to the States then! XD

Seedhouse1946d ago

I'm sure you'll receive something, North American launch was on March 27th 2011 so you'll have to see what happens on Tuesday! ^.^

yabhero1946d ago

We might get Reggie...

TopDudeMan1946d ago

That's pretty yawn worthy.

laxbeav1946d ago

I know. Its nothing compared to what all the other companies do for their systems on the anniversaries of their systems...

Chill out dude, its not meant to be a big thing. Just something for the fans. I'm waiting to get my street pass so I can get a new puzzle piece.

Gen0ne1946d ago

Keep checking mine every 5 minutes... *checks again*... nope. dammit.