OnLive Week In Review For March 18 – March 24, 2012

Top three stories

LA Noire is Now Playable on Tablets with Touch Controls Via OnLive. You lucky people with Android devices are now able to play LA Noire with just your phone or tablet and your fingers. This isn’t just some tacked-on onscreen controller. It’s completely customized for the game. Onscreen buttons come and go or change depending on the context in which you need them. It’s an almost identical layout to what they are using for the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto III for mobile devices. So get out there and stop some crimes.

Saints Row: The Third DLC – ‘Gangstas in Space’ Added to OnLive & ‘The Trouble With Clones’ is Coming Soon. The Gangstas in Space Add-on for Saint’s Row: The Third has been released for Onlive. You are cast in an epic scifi movie and must defend yourself against alien gangstas. Get it now in the OnLive market.

Eve Online May be Coming to OnLive. CCP, the developer of online space role playing game, Eve Online, is in talks with cloud gaming companies including OnLive about bringing their games to the streaming service. This is not an official announcement but still an exciting prospect.

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