Next in The Metal Gear Series: Action to Replace Stealth?

It has been almost four years since “Metal Gear Solid 4: The Guns of the Patriots” was released for the PlayStation 3. Like the previous games in the series, “Guns of the Patriots” received near perfect reviews and multiple awards when it was released by Kojima Productions. In 2009, Hideo Kojima, director of Kojima Productions, officially confirmed that there would be a fifth installment of the Metal Gear Series coming to PlayStation and Xbox 360; “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.”

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Nyxus2091d ago

When did Kojima say he didn't see himself working on a traditional Metal Gear game again, and that Rising is the future? He already said that fans who want a traditional Metal Gear game 'have to be patient', which sounds like it's on the way.

Snookies122091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Yeah, if a Metal Gear that Kojima is working on ever "stops" being stealth, I'll have lost my faith in gaming. :\

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2091d ago

I recall him saying Rising isn't canon and that it could be it's own separate series if it wants. Sounds like he wants the Solid series to be stealth.

RedDead2091d ago

......4 was more of an action game could just do stealth if you wanted to.

Ravenor2090d ago

Guys, guys...I think what RedDead meant to say is that Stealth is always an option, but in most scenarios in the game you could feasibly shoot your way through just fine.

dark-hollow2090d ago

Its a spin off people!!!
Its not gonna effect the solid series in any way!!!

Its like OMG They made halo wars so every halo game gonna be RTS!!1!1!1

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Xof2091d ago

Hasn't that always been the case with Metal Gear? I remember going into the second game as a kid, after hearing about what a great stealth game forever, only to give up on it after the first boss because, suddenly, MGS2 thought it was an action game.

Seems to be a common flaw for a lot of Stealth games: make badass stealth gameplay, then toss in boss fights that ignore stealth gameplay mechanics.

Baka-akaB2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

The boss in MGS1 werent exactly stealth based for at least quite a few of them . So yeah it's common .
But thena gain what kind of stories and scenes can you tell about you just sneaking behind a boss and slicing his throat ? Doesnt leave many option if you still tell a story , or uless you go for the tale of some dude killing rather anonymous foes .

And mgs3 actually went back further into stealth . MGS4 went action again but optionally . With the option and challenge to completely go stealth if you're a purist . Felt like a win win to me , instead of just making it impossible for the least patients .

cpayne932090d ago

Yeah none of the boss fights in mgs are stealth based but what's wrong with that? Most of the gameplay is still stealth based, and the boss fights in mgs are well done and mix things up a bit. I would rather have the awesome boss fights with the stealth then stealth alone, makes things interesting and changes up the pace.

Akiba962090d ago

Agree with your comment but I do not agree with "none of the boss fights in mgs are stealth based"

A few that were almost purely stealth based were: The End; Crying Wolf. Come to think of it, most of the mgs boss battles included some stealth elements like getting out of sight and making the boss unaware of your position. So you could then get behind then and shoot them in the back( like The Fury) I remember that this was key to beating some of the bosses on the hardest difficulties.

cpayne932090d ago

@Akiba yeah you're right, got carried away there. ;)

FinaLXiii2091d ago

Rising Storm is a complety diferent style no stealth involved

DeadManMcCarthy2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Kojima should remake the first two Metal Gear games from the MSX.

I mean the MSX games were ported to the PS2 subsistence version of MGS3, but it's not very widely known. Ask the average person and they won't know jack about the MSX games or story.

Kojima should just remake those two games that way he could bring back a young Solid Snake and an evil Big Boss.

This Rising game looks like crap, I won't buy it. It looked good at first but now it's way too gimicky.

Red_eyes_Gremlin2091d ago

Where is that picture coming from?

its BAD ASS ! :D

Nyxus2091d ago

That's from the VGA trailer.

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