Details revealed for M! Games review of Devil May Cry HD Collection

The score and a few details have been revealed for the review of Devil May Cry HD Collection in the latest issue of German video game magazine, M! Games.

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theeg1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

these things are such a rip off, people gotta stop buying these, there should be backwards compatability with every new console at least going back one gen, this shit is getting annoying

they are selling rich women their own fat asses back to them.

plus you can emulate the games from ps2 on pc, pcsx2 works so awesome, and you can play the games in REAL hd, not garbage 720p like the ps3 remakes, also, its FREE if you own the original games, you can play with the ps2 disc right in your pc drive.

I'm replaying persona 3 in 1080p with anti aliasing at beutiful 60 frames right now, it looks epic!

Also playing Fatal Frame 2, amazing game, even more amazing in true 1080p at 60 buttery frames, better than the ps3 will ever do it, all for free as i own the original,

i dont sell my console games, not the good ones at least, i'll be emulating uncharted 2, demons souls and mgs4 in a few years in glorious 1600p....mmmmmmmmmm

-edit, what is there to disagree with, everything i said is 100% true

"ohhhh he's talking bad about our glorious ps3 from 2006",

eat it!

1949d ago
BitbyDeath1949d ago

People disagree cause you are wrong.

HD remakes usually include new textures which makes the graphics better than any emulated versions.

Also they're cheaper than normal games and you often get 3 games in a pack.

That should be reason enough to get them.

theeg1949d ago

the graphics in recent remakes like splinter cell, silent hill, tomb raider, resident evil code veronica all look WAY better on pc, sorry man, you are me, i emulate ps2 games all day long, they kill the ps3 remakes, plus they run at 60 frames and have no jaggies, also, they are free, you just pop the ps2 game in your drive and launch PCSX2.

not to mention, you can emulate 99% of all ps2 games, you do not have to wait until they decide to give you one for $40, you just put it in the drive boom

Kingdom hearts, persona, ffx, killzone, ratchet and clank, jak and dexter, sly, gta san andreas, every big game, running perfect 1080p at 60 frames, and rare games that you cannot even find in stores

whatever man, people are easily manipulated into buying the same stuff over and over i guess.

slaton241949d ago

might be because no one cares how u r a pcgamer and some people like the remastered versions of older games...

SockeyBoy1949d ago

The problem with emulated games is graphical glitches and unreliable sound. At least with remakes your getting a product that runs perfect and the bonus of achievements/trophies.

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slixshot1949d ago

I've never played DMC before and I'm not about to go buy a PS2 to play them. This offers me a chance to hop onto the bandwagon for the series in general, which could lead me to picking up a future DMC title. It's a win win. I get to give the games a try, and the developers get both money for this game and a possible future customer. Quit complainin' bro.

no_more_heroes1949d ago

Same here, sort of. I've played about a little more than half of DMC 3 (as a rental on my cousin's ps2) and demoed DMC 4 (fought that fire boss in the village). Could be interesting to (almost) fully experience the series.

nevin11949d ago

There no incentives for me to buy HD remakes. The only way i'll buy them if their $20 or less. Otherwise Im cool with my BC PS3(which does a good job upscaling to HD) and PS2 system.

R1CAN6171949d ago

I missed out on DMC2 & 3 so this is perfect being able to play them in HD

Gen0ne1949d ago

Even though you missed out on DMC2, you didn't really miss out. As you're about to see soon enough.

MySwordIsHeavenly1949d ago

I don't care if they improved the graphics.

I just want trophies for being AMAZING at Devil May Cry! I have over 1000 hours clocked into DMC3 and I can't wait to play it again!!!

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