Metal Gear Solid vs The Twin Snakes: A Comparison Between the Original and the Remake

Among Metal Gear fans this has been a subject of much debate: how does the 2004 remake of Metal Gear Solid, called The Twin Snakes and released on the Nintendo Gamecube, compare to the original PlayStation version released in 1998? Opinions on this matter are very divided. The goal of this article is to break down the games and as unbiasedly as possible compare the different parts.

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AusRogo2222d ago

Why the hell is everyone disagreeing? Theyre both awesome

TheColbertinator2222d ago

Twin Snakes on the Gamecube is my favorite.Not because of the graphics but because of the updated controls.

Venox20082222d ago

I love matrix cutscenes :)

Megaman_nerd2222d ago

that bullet time effect that The Matrix movie made so famous completely ruined the game's remake for me.

R1CAN6172222d ago

Minus the slow mow scenes with Snake it was a great remake its too bad twin snakes wasnt added to the MGS HD collection.

Wintersun6162222d ago

TTS voice acting sucked. Mei Ling and Nastasha lost their accents. Also the Matrix-like cutscenes we're an insult to the real deal IMO.

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