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Activision talks Call of Duty Elite 2.0 coming Black Ops 2 release

The people behind the call of duty games and call of duty elite are working towards a huge new achievement. Building call of duty 2.0 that will be released with black ops 2. (Activision, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

b4mw3  +   841d ago
so if you want to check out call of duty elite you got to wait till a new year of sub is due.
kind of a raw deal
Soldierone  +   840d ago
According to that, before Elite subscribers see substantial improvements they will have to wait till BO2...and taking it further the substantial improvements will be geared towards BO2 and not MW3 then.

Thank you Activision for ensuring I still do not buy Elite even if I buy BO2. Which I will as long as it isn't anything like MW3
GraveLord  +   839d ago
They are treaing COD Elite like game, it needs a good amount of development time as well. Don't be such a troll. If they did an update every week people would be complaining as well.

As a COD Elite owner I am not satisfied. I want it to be integrated into the game, not a separate app. I won't be buying any more COD Elite subscriptions. Black OPs 2 I haven't made up my mind yet since I haven't seen any of it yet.
Soldierone  +   839d ago
Hows it being a troll? the article states right there that "substantial improvements" won't come till BO2 releases....

I have a couple friends that have tried getting rid of Elite because they hate it.

Like you said you want it more integrated into the game, with this article I'm assuming things like that won't happen till BO2 comes out, and even then you will have to buy BO2 to see it. The problem with this? They have paying subscribers RIGHT NOW, why not take care of them? Instead your waiting till their year expires before doing anything major? That's dumb.

The last part is my personal opinion. I don't like Elite, this further made me not like it, I won't be buying it.
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benleescott  +   840d ago
Terribly written article. Copy and pasted, prime example of churnalism (or the increasing art of feeding the public a press realease and calling it news).
benleescott  +   840d ago
And you all disagree. God I pray for the future of Journalism
bahabeast  +   840d ago
if they gonna release black ops 2 ill be buying it, im sure from what we have already seen in mw3 that black ops is now its own franchise. as for elite im good with the free version.
Blacksand1  +   840d ago
Why should Sony Owners get elite Activision don't support us so why should i waste money.
lilbrat23  +   840d ago
I agree PS3 owners are paying the for the same service (Elite) as 360 yet Ps3 owners have to wait a month for the maps? I have not bought the elite nor do I plan do. Their recycle maps are not worth it.
InTheLab  +   840d ago
They even annualized their stat service? Lol. Why do people still buy their s***?
ArronC07  +   840d ago
I haven't bought a single Activision title this gen, they're a terrible company with terrible business ethics, producing terrible cash in yearly franchise games.
Fel08  +   839d ago
Just more copy/paste
Blader23  +   839d ago
They can make the game and they can buy it themselves cause im not buying the same sh!t no more that they make.

Just a copy and paste like the guy above said.

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