Heavy Rain bug results in hilarious ending

A weird bug turns Heavy Rain's ending into hilarity.

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Nitrowolf21586d ago

Press X to Shawn

Pretty cool to see that even the animations are affected

NewMonday1585d ago

that got me laughing into tears

it even kind of fits into the story, you could say the events finally got to him and he was traumatized and in a constant state of shock

superadvanced1585d ago

this is going to become a meme

Dante1121585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Gotta admit this is pretty funny.

SHAUUNN! *Madison run up* Ethan? o.O...*looks her dead in the eyes in goes* SHAUUN!


Edit: Dang, this is old as heck. Just noticed that it's back from July 27, 2011.

F7U121585d ago

laughing like a bunch of little school girls. :D good vid.

RedDead1585d ago

That ending was drastically different to my one...the killer fell into a large bladed device

orange-skittle1585d ago PersonalAttacksShow
Fez1585d ago

The games over 2 years old and anyone who clicks on a title like this probably isn't bothered about spoilers. All he said was how the killer died in his playthrough anyway. Big whoop.

R8341585d ago

He hardly ruined the ending for you did he? He said 'the killer' rather than name them, and there are multiple endings so stop moaning, especially as the article / video's title is 'hilarious ENDING'. :|

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PiccoloGR1585d ago

Yeah, that was awesome :D

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Chaostar1586d ago

I liked the part when he said Shaun.

Chitown712911585d ago

The funny part is the laughing in the background lmao

blackmamba7071585d ago

funniest glitch of the year

Dark_Overlord1585d ago


Nah, watch the baby glitch (its linked to end of video) that is even funnier :D

Dakidog1585d ago

Lol! The key to being a good dad, yell your kids names over and over.

sublIME2s1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Ethan gets shot
The woman: Ethan!

He doesn't even care if gets shot, lmao

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The story is too old to be commented.