Do Positive Mass Effect 3 Reviews Reveal A Conflict Of Interest In Gaming Journalism?

Forbes contributor, Eric Kain weighs in on game reviews and whether or not the gaming media has been corrupted by big business.

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SavageKuma2251d ago

I believe so because a lot of people gave it a great review, and a lot of people even though they claim to hate it are still playing it so Bioware needs to look into that as these people complaining as full of crap! Usually if you don't like something you stop entirely or trade it in for something else.

RedDead2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Sorry but in general, I see almost everyone saying the game is awesome but the ending is terrible and Bioware gave false promises(which they did). The ending and last level are truely crap as well imo. A stain on the series.

Godmars2902250d ago

And yet the game's gotten perfect ratings when the ending has caused such a commotion. At the very least that should count as a half point if not a full one.

Kakkoii2250d ago

People aren't saying the game itself is bad. People are only complaining about the VERY END. That is why they are still playing it, because while they despise the end, the game itself is still good, with a lot of varied content on different playthroughs.

jthamind2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

i really recommend people read this article. the title is kinda misleading, because it's a take on the overall state of journalism in the gaming industry. it's very insightful.

--Onilink--2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Not the fact that they are positive, because the game does deserve great reviews, but the fact that pretty much 95+% of reviewers never even said the ending was controversial, IN ANY WAY... they mention plot holes in any other game, but not even a single mention of ONE plothole in the ending?? you would have to be blind to not notice at least 2-3(out of the 15+)

I think ME3 has been the game that proves just how much influence a publisher can have over reviews, i would probably even bet there was some kind of NDA about the ending on most sites

joab7772250d ago

I think we live in a time of scarce original ips, sequel after sequel, with a few games garnering most of the attention. Couple that with an exponential increase in technology and reviews become extremely difficult. Do u compare a sequel to it's predecessor or other games out now? What if there r none like it? What if it is extremely popular. Did it use the tech available in the right way. Is it held back by dying consoles? Is it so popular that u must overlook some flaws. Is it alot of fun but doesnt look great? Is it phenomenal but have a controversial aspect such as the ending? Did it stray too far or not far enough? Were expectations too high?

For mass effect 3, it may not be for everyone, but u cannot deny how amazing it is? We had such high expectations, so high, in fact, that we lose sight of what bioware has given us in this trilogy. If u loved it, u will be hard pressed to find something contemporary. Those who hated the ending only did so because they loved the game so much and cared so much about their character. They did a pretty good job with the story. We got to see everyone. There was alot of closure. Rpg elements did return, though not enough for many. They made it more vertical. They added a more than adequate multilateral. They didn't skimp. It deserves nothing less than a 9, an 8.5 if u hold it against all ur own expectations and thoughts that have brewed for years. I give it a 9.5, with all said and done...but then, who am I, and how did i weight my review. I didn't. I'm just sad it's over and any game that makes me as happy as mass effect has deserves nothing less.

--Onilink--2250d ago

well most people who complain about the ending are not going to tell you the rest of the game is bad, because its not, its great. But dont you think its even slightly weird that pretty much no reviews even said the ending could be controversial?? i mean, you may like it or may hate it, but anyone can see how controversial it is, especially after all the press releases bioware did before the launch

joab7772250d ago

U r right that no one will say it's bad, otherwise who cares about an ending for a bad game. It would b nice if some of them would say something nice about the game and not just harp on the ending; and yes i understand that it leaves a bad taste and warps ur view as a whole.

I'm pretty sure most reviewers didn't see the ending and make a pact not to enlighten anyone, to keep it a secret. It's an ending to a trilogy. No one was even going to make reference to it or risk big problems. Even if they had said, it's a great game but the ending will be quite controversial for reasons i cannot print right now, not 1 less person would have purchased it; maybe more. I do believe that if reviewers had divulged the ending and claimed that it was their duty because this is a rare case in which gamers should know, bioware would have been pissed for leaking the ending, and we would have raged about it.

admiralvic2250d ago

Maybe I missed it cause I skimmed, but I think the real reasons are not being touched on. Personally I believe there were two key factors...

1) Does anyone remember when Eurogamer (thats the site right? I tried to block it out) gave Uncharted 3 a 8/10.

For most games a 8/10 is a good score. Many games score very low or cap off at the 6 or 7 range. Despite this, many users protested this score. N4G was littered with editorials on the subject. So one person thought it was less than perfect and that required 10+ sites to write long winded articles about it? Really?

If any site mentioned Mass Effect 3 had plot holes, N4G would have defended the game by saying "when the plot is this expansive you have to expect a few errors. Maybe if the reviewer didn't hate so much he could look past a few errors." A comment like this would get like 35+ agrees and maybe a few bubbles. When people see that maybe the reviewer was right, they won't recall the one guy who accurately protrayed the game, they will recall the 10+ guys who didn't and make it about every reviewer being wrong.

2) The far more likely answer is deadlines. The Mass Effect games are pretty long and some sites might get a review copy 4 days before release. Obviously once the game is out the review isn't as important, so many people are pressured to finish the game in whatever span they have it. Many gamers took around 50+ hours to actually beat the game and ALL THE PROBLEM ARE AT THE VERY END. Naturally not every reviewer is going to make it that far, which surly sucks, but how many games have a DRAMATIC shift in quality?

In the end, some gamers just like to follow trends. Ninja Gaiden 3 gets a 3/10 from IGN? The reviewer is a noob. Other sites give it a 5 - 7? They're clearly not realizing how bad it is. Some people need to accept that reviewers are just gamers who tell you their opinion with facts. No one is going to agree 100% of the time and no on can predict the next thing N4G hates... I am sure next next month there will be a new fiasco and we will forget about this.