RAGE FACE: Mass Effect 3 Ending & Retake ME Movement

Welcome to RAGE FACE, VGutopia’s show where the editors get a chance to vent on current issues in Gaming. Joshua Mobley of vents about the “Retake” Mass Effect 3 movement and why people should stop complaining.

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petereater2035d ago

people should complain if the devs promises fail to even come close

heres hoping they dont botch mass effect 4

Pintheshadows2035d ago

If I had a time machine firstly, i'd go and ride a dinosaur. Secondly i'd try to explain to Baldurs Gate era Bioware what is happening now in the hope I could prevent it. I'd also stop Squaresoft from dying and would travel to the mid 70's and invent thrash.

barakus72035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Your 6% number shows you've never taken a stats class. Your making a ton of assumptions on that point.

The stat I think we will all be interested in is future Bioware sales.

If Bioware modifies the ending it will be due to THAT stat. And the pissed off fans "retake" movement has given Bioware a chance at salvaging company image.