Worldwide Weekly Hardware Chart, Week Ending 17th Mar 2012

Worldwide Hardware:

3DS - 175,755
PS3 - 160,732
X360 - 116,336
PSV - 91,633
Wii - 76,120
PSP - 43,460
DS - 34,895

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NewMonday1950d ago

-Tales of Graces f sold 127k but is not listed in global chart.

-Tales of Graces for a single platform outsold another namco game released the same day, the big licence MULTI-PLATFORM Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja STORM Generations.

-what is more impressive is that ToG released the same week as very very hyped RPG(ish) game ME3.

-with the release of ToG in Europe in the summer, the game will be on track to double the lifetime sales in Japan (370k)

it was like Namco was trying to make ToG fail, but the fans committed, now its your turn Namco, announce Xillia.

Gaming1011949d ago

If you look on the actual site you'll see the PC version selling barely anything, the 360 outsold the PS3 version 3 to 1 which isn't surprising seeing as how Bioware botched the PS3 version with crap framerate and other glitches, oh well.
Once again the PS3 dominates worldwide on the console front, and it isn't surprising the 3DS is dominating on the handheld front given its push of recent software.

Aquanox1949d ago

This gen needs to die.

insomnium21949d ago

I assume the possibility of PS3 passing X360 in lifetime sales soon has an impact on your mindset.

LX_General-Kaos1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Its great to see that the Nintendo 3DS entertainment console continues to top the charts. All of the hard work from the great hard working people over at Nintendo are tasting the fruits of their labor. Nintendo and Nintendo gamers worldwide should be proud of this ongoing accomplishment. Watching the Nintendo 3DS shape the future on a weekly basis.

With new AAA exclusive releases such as Kid Icarus Uprising, and many others. Lets keep it in our prayers that Nintendo continues to lead the industry forward as it has been doing this entire generation. Solidifying its spot as the most successful handheld of today. Setting the golden standard of what and how we play handheld games today, and how we will play in the future.

The better Nintendos numbers perform on the charts, the better us Nintendo supporters are rewarded. Rewarded with even more 1st and 3rd party AAA exclusives. Which is always a great thing. Things are looking mighty positive for Nintendo as a whole heading into E3 2012.

The others did a decent job as well.

Rated E For Everyone

Surfaced1950d ago

Are you on Nintendo Marketing & PR payroll?

aCasualGamer1949d ago

Lol, i think if you'd ask LX_General-Kaos what his religion is he would answer "Nintendo!".


ritsuka6661950d ago

This guy sounds like Darksniper lmao

ronin4life1950d ago

I think that's the point...^_^;
For all we know, they are the same person.

Sugreev20011949d ago

He might as well Darksniper lol
He keeps going on and on about Nintendo,and uses official lingo like someone working in PR.

ZippyZapper1949d ago

Cry all you want but the 3DS is destroying Vita all over the world. There isn't one place where the Vita does better.

pwnmaster30001949d ago

Lol no one isnt even crying

Jihaad_cpt1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Zippy since you want to be proved wrong so badly:



2 Places where the Vita and the PS3 outsold your 3DS. Why cant people just say that everyone is selling

protoflux1950d ago ShowReplies(6)
360GamerFG1950d ago

VITA for shame. SONY have missed their US target to sell 500k during the first 3 weeks of release if VGChartz is to be believed that is.

Jihaad_cpt1949d ago

3DS For Shame



2 Places where the Vita and the PS3 outsold your 3DS. Why cant people just say that everyone is selling

Moncole1950d ago

It's good to see the 3DS selling so well.

kikizoo1949d ago

Why ? are you shareholder ?

it's good to see the best hardware selling the best, vita is doing good, without price cut ! ("dead" ? are you blinds fanboyz ?) and ps3 is dominating the home console market (even with microsoft giving xbox with computers, tv, etc etc in europe), and it's just pure logic.

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