Modern Warfare 3 Has Been Hacked is reporting that Modern Warfare 3 has been hacked, and players are now running modded lobbies in the game that give them access to uber-powerful glitches.

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Metamorph931799d ago

We have glitchers on the PS3 too, but I haven't seen any like that. The ones I have seen are the little Flash people and when the game first starts, a M.O.A.B. is set off. I have nothing against the 4,000 day ban policy. These people know what they're doing, and I think they should be banned for ruining everyone else's time.

SilentNegotiator1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I've literally seen every version of every COD game since COD:MW1 get hacked, and a lot. Harsh ban policies are definitely required for something this severe.

StayStatic1798d ago

This is revenge for taking down AlterIWNet and this is just the beginning.

GraveLord1798d ago

I play on PS3 and I play both Black OPs and MW3. Haven't seen any hackers.

Good to see this feature is exclusive to Xbox 360. We PS3 owners don't need it :D

Dee_911798d ago

Well those leader-boards are pointless now

gamingdroid1799d ago

I haven't really met many hackers on CoD on the Xbox 360 either. The vast majority of people don't meet these cheaters. Just send these videos to the Xbox Live Enforcement team and they will get swiftly banned.

Dee_911798d ago

I wish I could talk for the vast majority
kudos and +bubs

SilentNegotiator1798d ago

You and GraveLord are full of it. I've played through both the 360 and ps3 versions of most COD games from 4 beyond. There is NO WAY that you two have never come in contact with hackers, least you played for 30 seconds and ran away to tell everyone how superior Live/psn is.

DeadlyFire1798d ago

This isn't news. It always happens. Its like saying we have found the reload button.

Sgt_Slaughter1798d ago

They invented a reload button?!? *runs to TV*

gedapeleda1798d ago

Cods will be hacked until they stop using quake 3
engine that code is way to known.

CarlosX3601798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

You're not alone, it's indeed happening on PS3...

I swear I found some flash types, too. It's been going on for weeks now. In fact, once I found a cheater he closed the lobby to prevent reports against him. So, be careful people!

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Motorola1798d ago

It's been hacked on PC.

xtremexx1798d ago

lol i saw this post and then started clapping sarcastically.

CarlosX3601798d ago

Why are you clapping for? You think this is funny?

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1799d ago

Lol... COD wasn't hacked. Live servers geeked out, with the amount of people playing on Friday night with Double XP going on.

Robert Bowling already said they're fixing it, and extending Double XP.!/four...

Theor131799d ago

That's a totally different issue dude. Did you even read the post? This isn't about the servers being down it's about modded lobbies being opened up where people have infinite health, super speed, etc.

Prince_Dim-Lu1798d ago

I have played 7 days worth of COD MW3 so far, and have yet to see 1 glitch. Not saying it hasn't happened. Saying that I'm thinking it's pretty nipped in the bud. This is nothing like MW2 being hacked to hell.

Unlimax1799d ago

You twitting them .. Oh GOD How stupid you are wasting your time for TWICE , I feel sorry for you bro .. You have been Brainwashed !

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Son_Lee1799d ago

It's a real shame that legitimate players can't enjoy something without having it cheapened and watered down to hacked crap.


switch to Bf3 is hack free!!!

marcoskids1799d ago

But boring as hell after rank 45 :/

Hellsvacancy1798d ago

No, your just probably one of those borin players that sit there all game as a sniper, its not very often i hav a borin game of bf3

SignifiedSix1798d ago

You're on crack if you think its boring after level 45. And the post above me is probably true.