Playstation Vita For $49.99 With 5 Trade Ins

Trendy Gamers: The good deals just keep on coming today. We reported earlier that you can currently pick up a Nintendo 3DS for as cheap as $95 today and in addition, you can also get a Playstation Vita for $49.99 as long as you don’t mind parting with some of your games.

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BattleTorn2455d ago

I've got a massive backlog of recent games.

I could easily do this. I just don't see myself playing on a portable at home, which is where I do 95% of my gaming.

Dante1122455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Good find, Trend. If I didn't have a Vita already I would probably roll with this.

sulack2455d ago

I find I do a tonn of gaming at home on my vita. When I dont feel like getting out of bed or getting bored during commercial breaks I play a bit. Its worth it for just that alone, and I also find bus rides, waiting for food, and long work days go by in an instant when I have the time to pull the vita out. Never thought id use it but I always do.

TooTall192455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I use my vita at my place sometimes. It all depends on how interested you are with the Vita. Don't buy something just because there is a deal. If you ever do want a portable I would strongly recommend a Vita.

Jason1432454d ago

ever since I got my vita it has swayed my opinion on console gaming. It changes everything up and is worth giving a second thought about imo.

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GamePodunk2455d ago

I would definitely be all over this deal if it was in the US. Nice find!

TrendyGamers2455d ago

Yeah, it's a pretty good deal.

Soldierone2455d ago

Was ready to go to Gamestop right now when I read it, but like always these deals go everywhere else until the Vita is cheaper

Need a second Vita for the GF

Spenok2455d ago

This is a very good find. To bad for me i already have it. Oh well, it was worth a purchase anyways.

tiffac0082455d ago

Same here and I'm not in the US either. We never get these kinds of deals in my country, no matter what the console is. :(

Topshelfcheese2455d ago

I got rid of my original DS and PSP with the disc games and got the Vita for 32 dollars with a 16GB card. I had no need for the old systems anymore so it was well worth it. I will love the vita even more when I can play my PS1 games on it...

TrendyGamers2455d ago

I downloaded all the cheap Final Fantasy games this week so I don't pay full price when the Vita can finally play PS1 games.

Brash_Attack2455d ago

The link on the site just leads me an iTouch trade in. Where do we trade in for the Vita?

TrendyGamers2455d ago

The list of games to trade in is on that page. For some reason Future Shop made it an unadvertised deal, but pick any 5 games from the list on the page and take them into your local store.

honkyjesus2455d ago

The list is like six games possible or something. Do you have a complete listing for it? I go from the link and it is talking about an iPod, so I click on possible 360 game trade ins and it lists six games.

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The story is too old to be commented.