RetakeME3 Organizer Answers Questions

Player Affinity writes: "I had the great pleasure to speak with Eric, the creator of the RetakeME3 facebook page and the overall organizer of the movement. I asked the BioWare Forum Community what they would like to find out about where the movement is heading and who is organizing it and these were the questions everyone wanted to know:"

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Dlacy13g2433d ago

Who f*cking cares... Good God, let it go... the end is what it is. Even if you get Bioware to change it...the original ending will always be in the back of your mind as "how it really ended".

VanillaBear2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

"the original ending will always be in the back of your mind as "how it really ended"

Not really....

If they go with what it's seemed to be built up on then Shepard will wake up after being hit by Harbingers laser and continue the fight

The ending will just be continued...not changed

But hey if you want to believe that the game finished with a ending full of plotholes and decisons which made no sense and that scene with him still alive is nothing then fair enough....go ahead and keep that in the back of your mind as the "real" ending.'s obvious the ending wasn't finished in time so I welcome the "new" ending because I know it's really just the rest of it.

Canary2432d ago

I don't see why the problem with ME3's ending is so hard for so many people to articulate. It's very simple:

The Mass Effect series revolves around the concept of a player making choices that effect the narrative. The concept of player choice is central to the very idea of mass effect. ME3's ending completely ignores this aspect, locking players into the same ending no matter their decisions, and failing even to offer an epilogue--something that, by way of text, could reinforce the notion that the player's choices did, indeed, have an effect on the narrative.

This is something the first two games did phenomenally well--hence their success. This is something the third title failed at completely--hence the outrage.

An outrage compounded by the outright lies told to consumers prior to release, and the harsh backlash against the critics perpetuated by EA and EA's shills--both witting and unwitting.

Pintheshadows2432d ago

You forget to mention the horrible writing and gaping plotholes.

Regent_of_the_Mask2432d ago

Bioware should just cancel any future mass effect projects and focus on Dragon Age. The Dragon Age fanbase is more mature and won't cry over canon endings.

snowman21492432d ago

Right. They're more mature but when DA2 was released they whined and cried because of the lazy dungeons and the simplistic design, not only that but they also bombarded the metacritic page with unfairly low reviews.

JaredH2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

It seems to me that both fanbases are just the Bioware fanbase and they finally got pushed over the edge with ME3's ending after DA2's unwanted change and over simplification.

Pintheshadows2432d ago

Hahaha, what about the fan response to Dragon Age 2?