Trials Evolution rides into Limbo

"Those of you with a keen eye might have noticed a certain limbo-esque feel to one of the Trails Evolution levels briefly shown in the Arcade Next promotion trailer. XBLAFans went straight to the source to chat about it. There is in fact a level in Trials Evolution devoted to Limbo. Redlynx was a fan of the game and loved the art style and felt it would show off completely different feel and what the track editor can do. We have to agree."

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cain1412462d ago

I loved Limbo's art style even more than the game itself.

Kran2461d ago

Black, White and Red all over?

Oops. Meant "Black, White and Gray all over"

randomlyrossy2462d ago

Totally noticed this in the Arcade Next trailer, very cool. Can't wait to see what else people can do with the track editor.

smmelton2462d ago

Love crossovers. This isn't Marvel vs Capcom or anything, but I love when devs put in nods to their favorite games or movies.

cain1412462d ago

Especially when it isn't intended as a cheap cash in...

Emessai2462d ago

As much as the fanservice is definitely a cool thing, I'm more interested to see how this will play out in the editor.

Kramerica132462d ago

That is so damn cool. Who doesn't love Limbo's art style?

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