GNT: What is required for the next generation of gaming

GNT: With Nintendo’s Wii-U being unveiled at last year’s E3 and scheduled for a release Fall 2012, many gamers have been wondering what the next generation of gaming will consist of?

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Mantis12462d ago

My personal opinion is that the next generation of Microsoft and Sony consoles will most likely try their best to "re-invent the wheel" at first, and try their own thing to see what happens. But eventually they will end up copying each other.

More than likely they will continue further on the topics mentioned in your article though. With the Wii-U they certainly tried something different.(aside from the name of course)

Good article though!!!!

johnsonbat2462d ago

For the next generation this gamer is not interested in Wii U.

DevilishSix2462d ago

As long as there is physical media where I feel like I own the game or can get value back if I sell it or don't like, then I am fine. If it is digital distribution I will pass, I will not pay $60 for rentals.

josephayal2462d ago

The ultimate Graphic Card and blu-ray

360GamerFG2461d ago

promises from this gen. 1080p. . .60fps. . .

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