The Secret Behind Link's Hylian Shield

We all have come to know and love The Legend of Zelda series but there is one recurring item that is the same through game after game in the series… Link’s Shield. The way the shield looks is no different from game to game, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. The shield bares the same size with the classic Triforce make directly in the middle. With the same look to this Hylian shield where does the mystery come into play?...

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TheSuperior 2377d ago

With the years i have played the series how in the hell did i not see that? lol i should start paying closer attention x)

MeridianHope2377d ago

You didn't see it because it's (mostly) a fabrication.

Link's shield has *NOT* always had the bird on it. In fact, it's been absent from most of the shields throughout the Zelda series.

Relevant link:

Dovahkiin2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Ocarina of time shield = most iconic IMO.

MeridianHope2377d ago


Yeah, I tend to agree. Still, it hasn't always been there, even in recent games, as this article suggests.

abombletap2377d ago

I have not played Zelda in a long time. i think i should but shooters are getting in my way

TheSuperior 2377d ago

lol theres nothing like a good zelda game though. i was very pleased with skyward sword. so many things could have went wrong but didnt.

TheGrimBunny2377d ago

Groovy, I am die hard Zelda fan. Probably the only reason I have the Wii.

mike1up2377d ago

I am pretty sure that Nintendo modeled the Crimson Loftwing after the Hylian Shield... but you never know.