Nintendo 3DS For $95 At Future Shop Or Best Buy Canada

Trendy Gamers: I know what you’re thinking. ‘A 3DS for $95? Obviously I have to do something really shady to get it for this cheap.’ Nope, this is completely legit.

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TrendyGamers2459d ago

This is a great deal. Anyone thinking of picking it up?

Canary2459d ago

It's a steal for $95. Definitely not worth the MSRP, but a steal for $95.

Future Shop/Canadian Best Buys seem to have had an awful lot of really good gaming deals this year.

TrendyGamers2459d ago

It's actually just piggy backing on Wal-Marts great deal.

The original 3DS deal at Future Shop and Best Buy this week was the 3DS for $169.99 with a free copy of Steel Diver.

TrendyGamers2459d ago

But you're right, this deal is definitely a steal.

TheRichterBelmont2459d ago

Anyone from the USA get this deal to work? Looks like shipping to Canada only. >_>