Thoughts about Mass Effect 3′s ending

The beauty of a Role Playing Game is the simple fact that you can't blame anyone but yourself for the results of your actions.

Unless you're a gamer, of course.

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TheSleepyGamer2455d ago

Some diverse opinions on the ending of Mass Effect 3.

RedDead2455d ago

I agree with guy 3. I hope it's the cleverest tricxiest thing done in gaming. If not, I shi* on Bioware

pat_11_52455d ago

I think it might be clever.

SkolarVisari2455d ago

It is not in any way clever. It is useless the logic given just before the final cut scenes is so broken that it is not funny. It is only made worse by the fact that you cannot even point out this flawed logic, even though it may very well contradict events that have occurred in a player's game.

Son_Lee2455d ago

Oh my God, quit these articles. There are several people that haven't beat the game yet, including me, even though I know how it ends.


pat_11_52454d ago

The article has no spoilers. Just a pro hax tip for you pro hacker.

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