Is The Survival-Horror Market Really “Too Small”?

With Capcom claiming that they see the survival-horror market as “too small” for the Resident Evil franchise, Mark Butler argues that there are millions of fans out there who are being continually ignored.

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Rainstorm812459d ago

A resounding NO! The survival horror fans/market are being ignored to woo the CoD crowd.

Too many devs are going this route and it only hurts gaming

DeadSpaced2459d ago

Look at the Dead Space series, Silent Hill series, and the previous RE games. Too small? Sir, you have millions wanting to experience another survival horror RE game. Don't claim it's "too small". I call BS.

Dark112459d ago

Like i said before capcom is lying , Survival horror market isn't small , but they just want the COD market.

ritsuka6662459d ago

The big industry have largely turned their back to old-school survival horror for a more action focused game.So yes, the market is small for survival horror in this gen..=/

DeadSpaced2459d ago

Just because they turned their backs on us doesn't mean that the market is small. it just means that more people will buy a worthy horror survival game. But I do agree with you. It seems like they lost hope in their audience.

JsonHenry2459d ago

They must think so since all we get are zombie action games and not survival.

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