Why the Mass Effect 3 ending ‘controversy’ is a very, very bad thing (spoiler free)

Official PlayStation Magazine UK examine the impact of BioWare conceding to pressure in the Mass Effect 3 ending debate.

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360GamerFG2462d ago

Ah gees come on. Enough already with the Mass Effect 3 ending, it got tiresome at article #37.

SilentNegotiator2462d ago

Especially when 99% of them are articles are defending Bioware for "artistic direction" even though Bioware has lied over and over. In the end, the ending doesn't do what they said it would, and people unhappy with that should be allowed to petition compensation without crybabies defending that EA subsidiary and calling those people "stupid" and "entitled"

Godmars2902462d ago

My view of this stupid issue:
- The ending attempts to present the series as being more intellectual than it actually was.

- Possible attempt by Bioware to manipulate its customer base by purposely introducing an ambiguous ending then offering resolution through DLC. In a piecemeal form? Sets a horrible president.

- Obviously sets just as bad a president in causing fan to demand changes.

Bonerboy2462d ago

Lesson 1: "PRESIDENT" oversees a country, or a leader of sorts.
For example: "George Bush was horrible president."

Lesson 2: "PRECEDENT"... any act, decision, or case that serves as a guide or justification for subsequent situations.
Take a minute to keep from looking look a dumb ass as it negates your weak argument. Perhaps the ending was just too 'intellectual' for you to grasp, as is your inability to grasp basic english language skills which reinforces my point.

"Fans" of this gen are without a doubt the most pathetic bunch of whiners in the history of gaming. Never happy , never content, always whining. Sad.

SilentNegotiator2462d ago

"Obviously sets just as bad a president in causing fan to demand changes"

Sets a new standard for consumers/gamers not putting up with pub/dev lies and standing up against things they don't like.

There, I fixed that bullet point for you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a phone call from the precedent.

EditorAtGNG2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Stop sucking Bioware's balls and do your homework. Gamers aren't outraged at the ending... they are outraged because Bioware promised, then lied, then promised again an ending that will align with the trilogy's philosophy.

Personally, I am against an added DLC that would "repair" the ending. The ending CANNOT be repaired. They had that opportunity during PRODUCTION. Couldn't they just delay the game until it was finished? No. They went for the easier and (lo and behold) absolute WORST idea to trick gamers into raging against their product and then, release a DLC to "repair the mistake."

rattletop2461d ago

omg. enough of these bs controversy articles. We get it. these are beginning to pour in like the GTA 4 iCenhancer articles a few months ago.