Bill Attempts to Put Warning Labels on Violent Video Games.

So are violent video games truly linked to violent actions? It all depends on what you want the answer to be. The Washington Post ran a story a few years back that covered quiet a bit of information about a study that was looking for this link. In the study conducted by Psychologist Craig Anderson of Iowa State University and his team, published in the Psychological Bulletin, a journal of the American Psychological Association, a link is found between violent games and aggressive behavior, aggressive cognition and aggressive “affect.” It also found that it desensitizes users and is associated with lack of empathy and a lack of “prosocial” behavior. In response Christopher Ferguson and John Kilburn of the department of behavioral applied science and criminal justice at Texas A&M International University note faults in the research. Ferguson states a bias in the research and notes that Anderson found a very weak link between violent games and violent deeds.

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PaladinXII2434d ago

So tired of this stuff. I don't recall seeing warning labels like this on books, movies or music.

Nostradavis2434d ago

Warning: Only blood and guts appear in this game. No chance of nipple slips. So lame.

360GamerFG2434d ago

Bill needs to get a hobby, or a girlfriend. Or both.

ostgar2434d ago

Special thanks to Paladin (Mike) for the image. I was stuck - but he somehow figured out one of my favorite scenes, from one of my favorite movies, and added the most violent Dig Dug. You're the best.... ar-ooouuunnnddd.