Ubisoft wants to offer PC gamers so much value the need for DRM "goes away"


Ubisoft's digital boss Chris Early told Eurogamer it hopes strategies including companion gaming, which sees spin-off experiences on mobile devices and social platforms feed into their related core games, and constant game updates, will discourage piracy.

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Emilio_Estevez2459d ago

Then they need to add more value I guess because their games still have crappy DRM.

Tony P2459d ago

That's a nice sentiment, but as always, I await the action that will back up that pretty speech.

chanmasta2459d ago

Never had a problem with Ubisoft's DRM.

h311rais3r2459d ago

Turn ur Internet off. Then u will

chanmasta2459d ago

Why would I turn the internet off to create a problem? It stays on all the time, therefore I have no problem with Ubisoft games.
People take Ubisoft's DRM WAY too seriously. Sure, if you're playing on a laptop or something it's understandable, but most play it on a PC. Now, who turns off their internet while playing games on their PC? Hardly anyone.

hazelamy2458d ago

not deliberately, but you can't tell me you've never lost net access before.
what about when their servers are down?

mine was down for a week late last year.

when you lose net access, those games have effectively been taken from you, without your consent.

in my book that's theft.

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