A Lawsuit Against Mass Effect 3 Is Not The Way

"... I’m going to try and consider some of the negative ramifications for gaming if the lawsuit against Mass Effect 3 and BioWare were to be successful. More than that though, I want to argue that demanding something from BioWare is childish and there are much more constructive ways of achieving a goal."

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cyborg69712433d ago

It's sad that I'm afraid to admit I'm gamer. Due to whiners and the gen y douche bags. Get over it its a game tools.

denero12433d ago

How come when one radical gamer does something it effect's all gamer's as a whole I don't like the ending but I'm not suing

Don't Generalize a group for the actions of one its stupidity

cheetorb2433d ago


"I don't like the ending of my game WAAAA...I'm gonna sue you. I didn't like the ending of that movie, I'm gonna sue you. I didn't like my food, I'm gonna sue you. I didn't like my date tonight, I'm gonna sue her."

Hahahaha...I just love how STUPID people are getting.

Reborn2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Never heard of someone suing their date.. you went overboard there, sir.

Of course doing this won't do much. Keeping direct via Bio forums, Twitters etc. Seems to be doing a lot more.

palaeomerus2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Maybe this should have been an e-mail instead of a blog post. The party suing Bioware is a single person. Arguing with people who don't like the ending won't accomplish anything. You have something to say to the guy suing Bioware then use your brain and say it directly to him instead of just fishing for hits. If you are too dumb to know who you are actually addressing then you probably aren't ion a position to lecture people at all.

ufo8mycat2433d ago

I am no lawyer but please clear this up for me:

Bioware stated multiple times that your decisions matter, that there are lots of different variables that impact the ending.

As for those that have completed the game, we learn this is completely not true.

Now isn't that false advertising?

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