Warren Spector: I want Epic Mickey 2 to be as emotional as Toy Story

Junction Point chief Warren Spector has started bigging up Epic Mickey 2, outlining his goal for the game. He wants it to be as emotional as Toy Story or Snow White.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2433d ago

Good luck with all of that...

NukaCola2433d ago

I'd hate to climb aboard the hype train, but the dude is very passionate about this series and Disney as a whole. Epic Mickey had it's issues (Many just Wii related) but it was a fan service to the universe and the resorts. I hope this game can bring a sense of power now that it has the support of HD consoles. I would like it to really reflect the concept which was very steampunked and creepy. Also, it can support more data on the DVD or Bluray so I would like it to be longer and contain more content.

RyuCloudStrife2433d ago

so it will not be emotional?

ThirstyforFanta2433d ago

You're saying the toy story franchise is not emotional? How old are you again..

AusRogo2432d ago

Im 19 and Toy Story 3 really got me when they thought they were going to die near the end.. Hate when people think that nothing emotionally hits em..