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Metacritic is 'potentially dangerous for the games industry', says Rebellion

Rebellion’s CEO Jason Kingsley has voiced his concerns over the use of Metacritic as a yardstick for a game’s quality, saying that “there are a lot of idiosyncrasies” in the site’s score aggregation process, and that the site could negatively impact creativity within the industry. (Culture, Dev, Industry, Metacritic, Rebellion)

DigitalAnalog  +   1000d ago
Metacritic has some of the loosest hands in it's site.
Aside from the highest gaming sites, it still cherry picks to determine what game gets a certain amount of average score. Some ratings have a "huge" gap between certain games it makes you wonder what goes in and goes out. (A certain Harvard reviewer comes to mind.)
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GribbleGrunger  +   1000d ago
edit. lol
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Persistantthug  +   999d ago
You don't make a sh177y game like ROGUE WARRIOR, & then get to act like you were done wrong.
METACRITIC gave these crap-hole developers exactly what they deserved.

Metacritic gets kudos here.
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banjadude  +   998d ago
You should see the [metacritic] scores for Journey... *shakes head*
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palaeomerus  +   999d ago
This from the studio that brought us the latest lackluster Alien Vs. Predator game, and the execrable Rogue Warrior? Wow. Heh.
BigBoss1964  +   999d ago
The fact that ridiculous sites like Quarter to Three (See their Journey review) are listed on this site only adds to the fact that Metacritic is irrelevant, hell people have lost their jobs because of this site
trouble_bubble  +   999d ago
This. How the hell did a BLOG like Quarter to Three get on there while sites like 1UP get dropped? Why is the Examiner still not on there?

Isn't there a statute of limitations on reviews either? GameCritics.com just had Galloway lowball Yakuza 3 TWO FULL YEARS after release, one year after their Yakuza 4 review even, and metacritic adds it, dropping the average. 2 years after it settled at 80, they drop it to 79 with a pointless and late review. Alrighty then.
ginsunuva  +   999d ago
The metacritic admin is personal friends with Tom Chick, so that's why QT3 gets on the list
Persistantthug  +   999d ago
@BigBoss1964......Do me a favor...tell me if you noticed JOURNEYs 92 METACRITIC score.
METACRITIC did its job perfectly, my friend.....

That's why I have JOURNEY......& it's downloadable game of the year.

Hicken  +   999d ago
Metacritic fails because the sources' criteria are questionable, even if the reviews are favorable. How else could you explain that there are 65/66 top-level reviews, and one inexplicably negative one?

What do you think Journey's score would be without that 40?

Seriously, stop defending an obviously flawed system.
Persistantthug  +   999d ago
@Hicken....Sir, no disrespect, but you clearly missed the LAW OF AVERAGES day in you math class.
Hicken asked,
"What do you think Journey's score would be without that 40?"
_____________________________ _

Easy answer, my friend.....with or without that '40' score from Quarter to Three,..... JOURNEY's score would still be a 92.

Is it that you potentially don't understand how averages work?
You see when you get 50 - 100 reviewers, any 1 or 2 or 3 low score 'damage' is made nullified by the many high scores. Quarter to Three's bullshit review did nothing to affect JOURNEY's 92 score.

By the way....Journey has 67 reviews now.

Besides... all 90'ish scored games with 50 reviewers = GREATNESS.
It's only flawed if it doesnt work.
Fan or not.... Metacritic shows it works.

I'll PM you since your out of bubbles.
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gamingdroid  +   999d ago

How did 1UP get dropped from metacritic? I have never heard of this....
trouble_bubble  +   996d ago
No idea why 1up got dropped, but they haven't had any new reviews on metacritic for a couple months now, on any system. They're gone. G4TV on the other hand just got re-added after being awol for years. It's so random.
Summons75  +   999d ago
I don't listen to others reviews, I research it out on my own and if it seems promising then I will buy it and form my own opinion.
TheColbertinator  +   999d ago
<The game in my avatar

Fallout NV sold over 2 million and was one of the highest selling games of 2010,garnering strong positive reviews from major publications.Many fans including myself were happy to see the blending of VATS/FPS gameplay with old school Fallout elements like Reputation and 4 alternate endings.

HOWEVER...It got an 84 instead of an 85 on Metacritic therefore sections of the highly talented studio Obsidian were laid off.Metacritic and Gamerankings ruin the industry because publishers(not just gamers) pay too much attention to it.
kevnb  +   999d ago
Nobody cares about metacritic except dumb publishers and dumb kids.
GillHarrison  +   999d ago
Rebellion is a complete ass company. They had several times to prove that they are a capable studio and failed every time. Metacritic is definitely poison for Rebellion.
gypsygib  +   999d ago
I think Metacritic should be completely open about their formula the various weights given to review sites.
Hufandpuf  +   999d ago
I don't even visit Metacritic.
Kos-Mos  +   999d ago
If people can't see the favoritism in metacritic they are blind.
ZippyZapper  +   999d ago
Please tell us this secret.


Have anything yet?
MeatAbstract  +   999d ago
If something doesn't have 90+ on Metacritic then many gmaers don't play it. It's a sad state of affairs.
kevnb  +   999d ago
Its barely anyone really, most people don't look at reviews at all.
FinaLXiii  +   999d ago
Metacritic gtfo
susanto1228  +   999d ago
I disagree metacritic just saved me 60 dollars buying Mass Effect 3 after all the negative stuff about it. Sure there are some overzealous fans downgrading Mass Effect 3 but even if you take those people out you will find a horrible score for Mass Effect 3. What I don't like about some of these review sites is how they don't finish a game and just review it on the first couple of hours or midway through the game. IF metacritic is gone another reviewer will take it's place. And then there's Amazon where Mass Effect currently has a 2/5 review score...boohoo cries the industry....make good games then people won't complain about them.
user7792788  +   999d ago
the problem with metacritic is some random blog site that gives a game 4/10 will get added on and lower the rating of a game
urwifeminder  +   999d ago
Ha some kid was just spamming me with metacritic lists i had to laugh as i had not taken much notice of it before i make my own decisions about games your lists mean nothing to me, its one fan voting 100 times ha.
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Titanz  +   999d ago
There're actual people out there, that use metacritic scores as a means for purchasing gaming software (and bragging rights). Incompetent reviews (such as Gamespot, and the reviewer's inability to realize how to properly play Skyward Sword) should be tossed out, indefinitely.
catfrog  +   999d ago
if people dont like your game you probably arent gonna get a high score.

how to get a high score? know your audience. if youre selling a shooter, market it as a shooter, not as an rpg, because when i buy that shooter expecting an rpg im going to give that shooter a low score no matter how good of a shooter it was - i wanted an rpg. if youre marketing is off, and you get people buying your game thinking theyre getting something theyre not, you should expect those people to give you a bad review

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