Game Changer #58 – An Open Letter to Mass Effect Fans

Fans got amazingly upset about the ending of the monster game Mass Effect 3, to the point where pressure is so great from the controversy that Bioware is considering changing the ending of the game. Jared goes hard in the paint in an open letter to ever one involved.

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Fuzrum2462d ago

I was genuinely interested in your article, even if we have different opinions on this matter.....until you told me to "GROW THE F*CK UP." If you have an opinion to express, try being civil and respectful.

I've lost my sh*t and replied in knee-jerk fashion as well. I'm just as guilty. But this is more insulting than interesting/informative. Just letting you know.

Canary2462d ago

Generally speaking, the only response a person trying to argue AGAINST the basic, inherent consumer right of open criticism is, well, "Fuck you."

There's no real way to hold a civil discussion with people so clearly opposed to their own best interests.