Would You Rather have a New Mass Effect 3 Ending or Not?

TQ author writes: The question that I am going to ask everybody today pertains to one of the hottest games on the market right now, Mass Effect 3. Since I have no prior experience with this franchise, I am going to let one of writers who has played the game, Denoch, answer it instead of myself this time around. Please remember that the process involves our answers first, and then yours after. Here we go.

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lumley6662458d ago

this is just stupid, bioware created mass effect trilogy and its there decision alone how to end it. fans need to stop moaning and get over it, if u dont like the ending well thats just tuff. let me say that i havnt played mass effect 3 yet but however it ends whether i hate it or not its biowares decision.

tigertron2458d ago

So I take it you don't know what happens at the end? if you do, fair enough. If you don't...then I suggest you actually play the game and complete it before posting.

Their franchise, yes, but many of us didn't want a craptastic ending to one of the best gaming franchises ever conceived.

lumley6662458d ago

i dont need to play it to have that opinion, i can pretty much guesse wat happens, every1 dies the collecters win or around that. but like i stated its not the fans place to decide the ending, its the peoples decision who created the franchise.... bioware. im sure im gonna be dissapointed in the ending or it wont go how i hope but at the end of day its nort my decision how it ends

FCOLitsjustagame2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )


You guess at the end is incorrect.
However you are entitled to your opinion.

However, the question in the title is "Would you rather have a new ME3 ending or not"

I would say, yes I would "rather have" a new ending.

It is up to Bioware, not you or I, if they decide they want to provide a new ending or not. No one is forcing them into anything. Unless you say that people saying "bioware is aweful I wont buy their product anymore" is force. I would call it a consumers right to express opinion and make a decision on what they personally consider good or bad products.

tigertron2458d ago

The collectors aren't in ME3, its the Reapers and your guess is wrong. Which tells me that you do need to play the game or atleast know what happens at the end to start defending Bioware. So on that note, your opinion is void.

Its the people who have invested a serious amount of time in a universe filled with awesome characters, etc, that have the right to demand a better ending.

OmegaSlayer2458d ago

Indoc theory.
Real ending later.

My_Outer_Heaven2458d ago

Personally, the mass effect 3 ending wasn't that bad because at least you can save Shepard by playing online a bit to raise your galactic readiness rating.

But the only way he can survive is to destroy the Mass Relays and any synthetics such as the Geth.

What's the point in allying with the Geth and causing peace between the Geth and the Quarians if your going kill the Geth off anyway?

Its was good to see that there were many different choices.

I was also annoyed at what happens during the endings which to me did not make sense in terms of time and place.

When running towards the beam at the end of ME3 I took Liara and Garrus with me because I've been through a lot with both these characters. What I didn't get was how did they end up on the ship at the end because I thought they were running towards the beam with me.

If the DLC Prothean character wasn't integral to the story then why was he shown at the ending? This should have been including in the game not as a bonus DLC for the limited edition version of the game.

Wouldn't destroying the Mass Relays no matter what choice cause a supernova that destroys the near by planets like in the ME2 Arrival DLC

Lastly some of the things I've done in previous ME games such as in ME2 when finding a Prothean orb which sits in my ME2 Quarters. When you activate it all it does is expand and make a noise.

What happened to it in ME3? Did the Alliance take it for study? Was is used in the fight against the reapers? Just seems like a waste of time having it in ME2 if it has no purpose.

There are also many talented artists out there that could have created a convincing unmasked Tali for ME3 but instead you chose to edit a free to use image from a website. That is very lazy indeed. I'm a photographer by trade and that to me is a big fail. Is it really that time consuming to take a fresh photograph of someone and edit that instead or hire one of your many artist fans that have previously drawn what they think Tali should look like? There are a lot of great drawings of unmasked Tali around the internet maybe Bioware should have chose one of those instead.

Anyway that's my opinion on my experience with ME3.

brich2332458d ago

I would love a new mass effect ending, but i beat it already. for all those that beat it, just watch the new ending on youtube.

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