Battlefield 3 Running on NVIDIA GTX 680 vs AMD HD 7970 (Comparison)

Techtorial: Merely 24 hours after NVIDIA announced the world's fastes video-card to the world, a new comparison video has surfaced in the web of what appears to be a comparison between GeForce GTX 680 vs AMD Radeon HD 7970 running Battlefield 3.

Check out the obvious winner on this report.

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BiggCMan2434d ago

Video is down. But the picture strikes me as odd, seeing as how I get about 75 frames running Battlefield 3 on my GTX 580.

vitz32434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Damn multi-tabbin' posted on the wrong story... :/

Either way, I honestly don't see the need to play EVERYTHING on ultra settings. I mean yeah, it looks nice but can you really see the difference between 4x antialiasing and 8x? Hell I can barely tell the difference between 4x filtering and 16x. I figure if I can't notice it why have it on aside from the need to stroke my e-peen. Effects like HDR, bloom, whatever are nice to have yes, but I don't need ALL the settings ripped to the nuts.

Resolution, effects, ai, physics yes. AF, AA or whatever, meh. My system runs mostly everything I throw at it on max but I only need 2x AA and 4x AF. Better FPS and I'd have a hard time telling the difference.

Brawler2434d ago

Umm what are you talking about.

"As seen from the clip, both the test platform use Intel Core i5-2500k (Intel Z68 chipset), 8GB DDR3 RAM (4GB x 2) with 1 Terabyte storage. The game runs over a 1920 x 1080 display under Ultra setting"

coolasj2434d ago

A new video card came out and it's x percent better than the last AND the competing one?!

Freaking insanity.

R1CAN6172434d ago

Theres no point in investing in PC gaming if your not gonna go all the way and hit that MAX Setting.

annus2434d ago

Apart from being able to play the game at a cheaper cost of course...

mttrackmaster382434d ago

Yeah, go ahead and pay $500 for just a freaking graphics card. I'll be over here with my modest pc setup enjoying my mod support and cheaper games without paying an arm and leg to jizz over some pixels.

Half-Mafia2434d ago

I have 2 HD 6970's and play BF3 at 2560x1440 with everything maxed out and I get between 40-60fps.