Why Final Fantasy XIII-3 Could Be The FF Fans Really Want

If Square Enix takes all the best parts of FFXIII and FFXIII-2, and eliminates the mistakes, FFXIII-3 could be RPG fans have been waiting all generation for.

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RedDead2460d ago

**** off/ I would love them to ditch FFXIII now

Snookies122460d ago

Yeah, kinda the same here... I mean, I guess at this point that wouldn't be cool because of the people who DO like the story and all. Let them finish for those fans. Seriously though, they need something new... This just isn't cutting it, primarily the battle system. :\

One day... FF Versus XIII will come out, and it will be wonderous. If it's not, then I am officially finished with Square. I've been with them since FF1, but dammit they just seem to be slipping down a slope they can't get back up at this point. As I've said before, it all started with FFX-2.

OmegaSlayer2459d ago

Nah, if they keep trying they will release a masterpiece by FFXIII-19

iChii2460d ago

NO. We don't want more FFXIII. What we really want is a new awesome Final Fantasy that blows us away like FFX and FFVIII did.

VanillaBear2460d ago

How can you lure FF fans who hated in FF13 in general with a second sequel. Square Enix have hopefully taken the hint now, stop shoving FF13 related crap down our throats.

GraveLord2460d ago

After the sales of XIII-2, there won't be a XIII-3.

jacksonmichael2459d ago

The FF we really want is Versus, damn it.

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