Microsoft vs. Sony: The Dream Roster

After compiling lists of suggested characters and throwing out the multiplatformers, we have our dream roster. Thirty fighters, two companies, five consoles, and two handhelds between them. Who wins?

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MultiConsoleGamer2219d ago

Now do the real battle. MS VS Apple.

Klipz-Wish2219d ago

So what characters do Apple have?

SaffronCurse2219d ago

Those birds on on the psp though...

givemeshelter2219d ago

"So what characters do Apple have?"

Lemmings and Sheep...

specialguest2219d ago

How about everything relating to apple, literally and vaguely.

Steve Jobs
Steve Wozniak
the letter I
the letter A as in "A is for apple"
Issac Newton
Patent Infringment Lawyers

DLC character:
Ronald Wayne (3rd original long-lost founder of Apple)

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Hicken2219d ago

You're funny.

... on second thought, you're really not.

GribbleGrunger2219d ago

what's this, a poll for children?

ziggurcat2219d ago

it's pretty obvious that kratos would destroy everyone...

Raoh2219d ago

Horrible list. One is originally an n64 game and I think a lot of the ms fighters are xbla games.

When people talk about MS having the better exclusives, I just don't see it.

Godmars2902219d ago

At leas its a list that has characters that have on on the XBX/PS

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The story is too old to be commented.