Mass Effect 3 Ending Fiasco, Will It Really Be Changed?

"SPOILER FREE - It is nothing new that fans have been less then satisfied with the endings for Mass Effect 3. Call me an oddball, call me a realist, call me whatever but when people don't get the Disney ending, all of a sudden the shit hits the fan. I believe that Bioware was trying to take the franchise somewhere, after all it has been so successful and fans are not willing to wait to see what that is. Upset fans, hardcore, core, and others..."

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abombletap2462d ago

I still have to beat this game

TheSuperior 2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

people are so unset about this and i havent even played the game. Im wondering if it will even be worth playing? any suggestions lol

Son_Lee2462d ago

Play it. The ending is the only logical conclusion, anyway. Besides, why let 40-50+ hours be ruined in the final hour? It's available used at GameStop (or should be) so try it out.

TheSuperior 2462d ago

I really love the series i was just torn after i heard all the bad about it. At least i havent run across spoilers yet x) ill go ahead and give it a shot.

Son_Lee2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

If you love the series, by god play it! You have to form your own opinion. Everyone is just bitching, basically. Congrats on avoiding spoilers. I haven't beat it and I know hot it ends kinda, and I'm happy with it. Still motivated to play it through the end. Seems long, too. Easily as long, if not longer, than ME2.

For me, it's not quite as good as ME2, but it's close. My only real complaint is having only 6 squadmates, but Garrus and Liara are just amazing. I think you'll be quite glad you purchased it.

SeraphimBlade2462d ago

I'll tell you what I've told other people in your position: Play it, and try to approach the entire game as an ending. You DO see all the plot threads tie up nicely, they just don't work all your decisions in to the final hours as well as they could have. I was a little disappointed, but a week-and-a-half later, I'm completely over it and ready to play again.

And don't listen to the people saying it "invalidates your choices." That makes it sound like it was all a dream or some crap. It's not NEARLY that bad and everything still happened, it just doesn't wrap it up in a neat little bow.

002462d ago

(It's a story some senile old man is telling to a child)

SeraphimBlade2462d ago

Which he says happened. It's just a flash-forward.

And way to mark your spoilers for the person who hasn't played it yet.

Canary2462d ago

Change isn't necessary.

Elaboration is. You know, so that it's a whole, complete ending. You know, the kind of work that they should have finished 6 months ago.

TheGrimBunny2462d ago

It's nice to read comments that are not just "CHANGE THE ENDING!"