Uutforsket Revealed, Just an 'Interactive Treasure Hunt' Alternate Reality Game Set in Oslo

After PlayStation Norway began an Uncharted teaser campaign, speculation ran rampant, with rumors of new DLC or even Uncharted 4 spreading like wildfire. We cautioned that the teaser was probably for an alternate reality game, sadly it now looks like we were right. - PSLS

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Snookies122462d ago

Haha, sucks for people who thought it was Uncharted 4. XD

Abash2462d ago

Anyone who thought it was Uncharted 4 wasn't thinking clearly, why would they overshadow The Last of Us with Uncharted 4?

Snookies122462d ago

Yeah very true, plus it hasn't been that long since U3... They wouldn't have anything of real value to show this early in development. I'm sure they're beginning work on U4, but nothing would be announced until they've got something to show off in most cases.