DUST 514 Keynote - What We Learned

DUST 514 Keynote just ended and here is the rundown of it! What we found out new from it and what you can expect later to come:

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Dead_Cell2460d ago

I must have this game. I don't care how much it costs. I don't care who I have to cut for it. I must have this game.

violents2460d ago

Agreed, but that's the best part is, ITS FREE! or at least its supposed to be. I can't wait. I want a release date!

Emilio_Estevez2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

It is f2p, but you bet your house there will be things to buy, just optional.

violents2460d ago

they already announced all that. There is supposed to be microtransations that are split into two catagories One is points bought with real money and one is points earned in game. Some of the in stuff bought with in game credit can be bought with real money if you dont want to just put the time in. However they have announced that any of the purchaseable item are not supposed to give you any sort of unfair advantage. We'll see i guess. sounds interesting to say the least.

younglj012460d ago

Wow Dust514 is sounding more awesome with more info being released...

Virtual_Reality2460d ago

More notes that is not included:

In addition to the DUST+EVE link, there will be game modes for people that just want to hop online and shoot things. The game will have team death match modes, as well as conquest and skirmish.

DUST players can buy items with ISK or with Aurum. Aurum can be purchased via the PlayStation store. CCP were quick to emphasise that DUST will not be "Pay 2 Win" - you won't be able to purchase anything with Aur that gives you an advantage over players that only use ISK.

KeiserSosay47882460d ago

Although I like the F2P element, I hope it doesn't have a pay to win mentality like alot of F2P FPS nowadays.

Dead_Cell2460d ago

Don't hold me to this, but from the last statement they made it works like this.

You pay £20 to download the game, and then you're awarded £20 worth of credits to pay for for your stuff in the game. You're basically paying for the installment and getting the game free to use it on.

How that's going to inflate the price of unlockables I don't know, and I see it being a problem, but after the initial £20 for the game/credits, anything you buy with your real money won't provide an advantage over what you could get with the ingame credits you win in each game. Buying through PSN is just shortcutting the semi-grind of nowadays shooters to get the stuff you want.

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