Mass Effect 3, Gears of War 3, and Why Reviewers Fail

Dave Thier, Forbes- "There’s a common theme amongst fans angry about the ending to Mass Effect 3. None of them seem to believe the reviews, and they’re wondering the same thing: how is it that virtually no professional writers made a mention of what many fans saw as a glaring, inescapable, game-crippling flaw in the ending?

Something seems to be clear here – there’s something wrong in games reviewing. Some have blamed money or advertising dollars, but I don’t think that’s the root problem. The big problem is less sinister than that, though no less dangerous. We just really like games. And we want to like games.

Look at the score system from IGN – Google’s defacto champion of game reviewing. Never mind that reviewing any piece of art out of 100 is a ridiculous endeavor, but look at the actual scores. The vast majority of popular games fall somewhere between 8 and 10, and a competently executed blockbuster will almost never score below a 9.0."

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MaxXAttaxX2433d ago

Having seen IGN's review for Mass Effect 3... I've been losing more and more faith and gaming journalism when it comes to reviews.

That game got the special treatment. The entire page looked like one huge advertisement.
Not just the way it was written, but the overall design of it. A fancy video review page header. The score of "9.5" at the very top. Followed by a list of pros(+) and no cons.
The category breakdown (Presentation, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Lasting Appeal, etc) was completely absent.

Compare this:
To this sh**

Most fans always see something that reviewers seem to miss


Chuk52433d ago

Ign was beta testing a new format.

MaxXAttaxX2432d ago

Well since that day, all subsequent reviews were done in the "older" format. So it was hard to tell.

And if true, I still don't agree with omitting the category breakdown for this new format. And the way they had all pros and no cons right below the score among other things, made it all the more suspicious.


moving to 0/100 scale soon..... or 9's are actually 6's

Tommy3342433d ago

This gen has been BULL!

asmith23062433d ago

Great article. Yes, IGN are ridiculously inconsistent in their reviewing. They have a responsibility as the biggest gaming site out there but they fail. I remember Lord of the Rings War In the North review had the comment "combat and every single fight becomes boring and repetitious, same formula every fight." (something along them lines), and then they completely fail to mention that Uncharted 3's fight scenes have the EXACT same formula in their Uncarted 3 review. That gets a 10 of course, which in my opinion it deserved an 8, it wasn't as good as Uncharted 2. Uncharted as a series gets a 10 for me and maybe they were pushing Uncharted 3 as the grand finale so felt obliged for the 10, which is wrong.

I NEVER trust reviews anymore as anything other than opinion pieces. The fact that every review site has different criteria for reviewing games helps my view along. Surely a medium can't be judged in one way by one review and another way by another, which one is correct? Neither. Buy the game and make up your own mind.

digitalkid2432d ago

User average ratings on Metacritic are mostly adequate. And they exactly show how far reviewers are from users.