Ghost Recon Future Soldier Mega 64 Goes Hands-On with GRFS Co-Op

Watch MEGA 64 take on missions in Ghost Recon Future Solider. Remember, Only the Dead Fight Fair.

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TheBrit2460d ago

oh crap that commentary was frigging funny 'ooh nice water' 'don't drink that' lol too funny.

Oldman1002460d ago

That was lame. More like Mega 64 talks over prerecorded footage spouting random bs.

GirlsGeneration2460d ago

*You heard of a grizzly well F that i'm scarier than a grizzly i'm a man with a gun and i'm looking for my hunny* lmfao! Nice job MEGA 64

Kyosuke_Sanada2460d ago

Lol this hilarious. Sounds like a parody of online gaming on the whole......

chanmasta2460d ago

"Uh hi, those are bullets!" xD

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