NPD: Digital, non-traditional business almost half of retail game sales last quarter

Gamasutra- Consumers spent $3.33 billion on games outside of retail (e.g. digital downloads, social/mobile games) in the U.S. and key European markets during the fourth quarter of 2011, the NPD Group reports.

$2.04 billion of that was spent in the U.S. alone -- equaling almost half the $4.5 billion amount NPD reported for total packaged software sales at retail (including titles for home consoles, handhelds, and PC) in the States during the October to December 2011 period.

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Shivan2434d ago

yes non traditional CAN equal physical games sold online........

rental is included but shouldnt be

hotrider122433d ago

who in their right mind want digital down load games only?? not me.

PopRocks3592434d ago

Personally I think the used game market needs to be retooled. It's not fair that publishers and developers make zilch off of the selling of a used game.

ozstar2434d ago

Personally I think games should drop price in accordance with the value customers place on them, not the other way round.

Im not saying they should only sell cheap games, or sell games with micro-payment systems, but i am certainly saying that a 15-20% markup on HD titles this last gen. was too much for many people.

Nobody assumes that one of the reasons the Wii might have done as well as it did was that their games were cheaper.

PopRocks3592433d ago

4 disagrees? Damn. Capitalism FTW I guess.