Uncharted 2 interview with Naughty Dog co-president

This is a more detailed response to the news currently featured on the home page (, which doesn't exactly say much about Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 2. Here are the juicy details from, with a link towards the French site that interviewed Christophe Balestra. Enjoy!

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Bubble Buddy3513d ago

pls JAK naughty dog JAK, then u can make uncharted 2

TheTwelve3513d ago

We are not surprised, and very happy.----12

Luca Blight3513d ago

I really enjoyed Uncharted. Not the greatest game, but still very solid with excellent production values. Uncharted was like the guy you knew back in school that wasn't the best at anything but was pretty much great at everything.

TheTwelve3513d ago

I thought it was the perfect game, actually. Would have given it a 10.----12

heyheyhey3513d ago

great then its confirmed- another great game to embrace 2008 which IMO will kick 2007's ass no matter how great 2007 was