5 Video Games that should be Kept Away From Children

With ESRB and Pegi out there to help guide parents in deciding which games their kids should be playing; children gaming out of the age range of isn’t all that big of a problem. You have some parents that decide on their if their children can play out of what ESRB says just by the look of the game and then you have some that won’t let their child touch a game if the rating is too old for them. On a personal note I don’t see what the big deal is with having your child play a game noted for being for mature audiences if you feel that your child can handle the content (I’ve been playing games that were rated mature since I was very young and I turned out just fine). But in all honesty there are a few games out there to keep out of your child’s reach. Take a look at the list of games to keep away from your children...

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TheSuperior 2434d ago

Im not the kind of person to think that kids shouldnt play certain games but i do think it would be pretty bad to have a child play through BMX XXX. that would be wrong in so many ways...

-Mika-2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

They are going to learn about that stuff soon anyway so it not that big of a deal.

GanjaMan2433d ago

lol mate my dad bought me bmx xxx when i was like 8/9 and i fucking loved the game especially the videos ;)

snipes1012433d ago

I played the first Doom when I was 4 or 5 on a daily basis after getting out of my Kindergarten classes haha. I wouldnt consider myself messed up at all.

But, I think on average, I would prefer that my kid played more enriching games before introducing him to FPS's. If my dad had been more of a gamer Im sure he would have done the same, but I wish he had. I find it hard sometimes to get into deeper gaming experiences because of that.

abombletap2434d ago

some parents do not care at all...i have seen and sold games like gears and dead space to 5yr old kids and parents are like "i have to keep my kids happy"

TheUnbiasedLion2434d ago

i hate parents like that my girlfriends mum just buys her 9 year old COD.

If i ever had kids they aint touching games that are 18's purely cause its 18 for a reason also i will teach them to love rpg's before FPS's.

gypsygib2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

It's sad how many parents buy their 10 year old kids COD.

Summons752434d ago

what about cod or gta those are the worst for children.

NeoTribe2434d ago

One good thing is it keeps them away from bf games. I've yet to hear the voice of a little kid on bf3.

younglj012434d ago

I have heard plenty its rare but they are there...

2434d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.