GotGame: The Customer Is Always Right: Why Bioware Should Change Mass Effect 3′s Ending

Within days of Mass Effect’s release, fans were up in arms. A group of malcontent fans started a group called “Retake Mass Effect” with the goal of encouraging Bioware to make a new ending. Reaction to the movement has been mixed to say the least. Bioware has taken a predictably safe stance. They haven’t committed to anything, and claim to be listening to fan feedback.

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hay2460d ago

Ending was disappointing, OK, some think so, some not. Bioware's addressing it one way or another. Their way.

How about giving them respect they earned through those years and time to do something(or not) about it instead of flogging a dead horse?

Ramon3MR2460d ago

I haven't finished it yet but I'm not liking what I'm hearing :(

MasterD9192459d ago

I suggest finishing it before you read any spoilers.

It wasn't what I was expecting but it isn't an abomination like some gamers would have you think. There may be some disappointment there because it leaves a lot of questions...but the lead-up to the final scene was really great IMO.

I'm going to wait and see how they handle this issue with DLC and what they have to offer next.