Identity theft: Video-game characters that look alike

An infinite number of monkeys sitting in front of typewriters (or laptops) will eventually recreate the complete works of William Shakespeare. But how many artists does it take to copy the design of established video-game characters? Apparently not a lot.

Let's explore nine examples of "borrowed" fashion choices, accessories, and vehicles from classic titles.

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THR1LLHOUSE2399d ago

Man, I had no idea Street Fighter blatantly ripped off all of these other, more well-known, fighting games.

For shame, Capcom.

Megaman_nerd2399d ago

SFII came out in 91 while all those other franchises like World Heroes and Art of Fighting came out around 92-93.

ThatArtGuy2398d ago

I'm assuming that you're being sarcastic since all of the Capcom creations here came first. This was back during the time that Capcom was worthy of respect and adulation.

typikal822398d ago

I know! Capcom is so bad at ripping other companies off they did before the other company could release their games!

QuodEratDemonstrandm2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Where are FeiLong and the other Bruce Lee clones?

Chrono2398d ago

Adventure Island and Wonder Boy were both developed by Westone/Escape.

KrimsonKody2398d ago

Where's the Deadly Moves comparison?
That game had the fake Ryu, E.Honda, Chun-Li, & even the boss fights you with his arms crossed a la Bison.