First Look – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

GodisaGeek: "Released tomorrow, what better way to celebrate the impending launch of Operation Raccoon City than by taking a look at the first ten minutes of action, courtesy of GodisaGeek.

In this video, we talk you through bits and pieces of gameplay whilst showing you the first level of the campaign, which tasks you with finding Dr. Birkin and recovering his G-Virus."

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violents2460d ago

Looks like the controls are more classic first person shooter than 5 was, Which would be awsome. I hated the controls in 5 so bad I got rid of it before the 3rd level. I am also glad this one has some set up first they dont just throw you into a bed of zombies and say fight your way out.

GodisaGeek2458d ago

This is far more of a "traditional" 3rd person shooter than a "Resident Evil" game, definitely.