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The thing about military combat is that tactics is everything. You don’t sprint through the jungle spraying bullets onto enemy positions, survive more than three gunshot wounds, or single-handedly stop world ending nuclear launches. Either you work with your team or end up – you know – dead. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier follows the same premise– tactics rule the battlefield. Being tactical means working as a team and Future Soldier’s co-op makes coordinating, and communicating with your friends smooth and easy.

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Every time I see more I pee a little :P

DeadSpaced2433d ago

Finally, a modern-looking shooter that teaches you to rely on strategy. I think I peed too.

Agent_hitman2433d ago

I love how UBISOFT re-announced the PC version of this, and for that, HATS DOWN! for ubi, ubi you rock!