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GameGrin: Stay Classy GAME, Right Till The End

GameGrin Writes - "A picture has been submitted to us via an anonymous source showing the terrible practices GAME are stooping to to claw in some last minute profits.

In what appears to be a desperate attempt to shift the back log of games cluttering up the storerooms of troubled retailer GAME, in the picture you can see that copies of Mass Effect 2 have had the '2' in their titles conveniently covered over by a price sticker - the low price of £18 to be exact and plonked on the number 1 slot of their chart games display." (3DS, Industry, Mass Effect 2, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Bimkoblerutso  +   1137d ago
Clever girl....

[Jurassic Park reference]
xAlmostPro  +   1137d ago
To be fair, this is probably the single store carrying out this pracice.

I haven't seen this in my local game/gamestations :/
Xeoset  +   1137d ago
Wrong. It's not any store doing this maliciously or for profit, it's just dumb f'ing journalism. The same sh!t we've been putting up with for this whole generation.

I worked at Gamestation for 4 years. It's official practice to put sticker prices at the top right so its easier for customers to see how much a game costs. If that game is in the sale and needs a price drop sticker, you put it under the old sticker so it's still easy for the customer to see.

We still got a ton of mums and nans who would bring the cases up and ask the price.

They're not aiming to cover Mass Effect's numbering system to confuse people; it's just common f'ing practice. There's thousands of cases that get parts of their box covered because of this. If any customer is confused or doesn't know what they're buying? Look at the f'ing spine or ask one of the employees; they're there for a f'ing reason.

And all the people claiming they're glad GAME Group have gone bust? Fuc|< you. There's 10,000 peoples' jobs at stake, have some f'ing respect.
Anarki  +   1137d ago
Much like the placing of the sticker on the Battlefield 3 case? no. This is where mostly every game retailer in the UK places their stickers. It's just sheer coincidence, is all.
TVippy  +   1137d ago
It's from Total Recall.
BuckyBarnes  +   1137d ago
Dark_Overlord  +   1137d ago
Although I'm not one for supporting GAME's practices, the red price tag is always in the top right corner of the box. Hell look at Saints Row and BF3 in the picture for proof
MiyagiSPG  +   1137d ago
While that maybe is true, the true fact of this picture shows an old game at number 1 amongst generally new games :P so pretty suspicious don't you say :P
Dark_Overlord  +   1137d ago
I wouldn't say suspicious for 1 reason, they were selling brand new copies of the game for £9.99 (I picked up the last copy) so it may have been the number 1 seller that week :)
ziggurcat  +   1136d ago
... because an older gamer can *never* be a #1 seller, right?

c'mon, man... you can tell by the saints row and BF3 boxes that that's where they place their stickers.

also, no retailer would sell a brand new game that cheap even if they put it on sale, so...
ArronC07  +   1137d ago
As someone else pointed out:

"You have to imagine an entire complex scenario in your mind that relies on multiple circumstances. Mom or someone buys it for their kid cluelessly, the kid already has it, would only want the new one, the mistake doesn't get discovered until days later, etc. Nobody did anything with that kind of weird and specific idea in mind, in order to make a bogus 18 pound sale. Again, unless it was some idiot kid working there, and at that point it's almost like a gag. (And that would only entail where it is on the shelf, the price sticker is in the standard place, as I keep explaining and is proved in the pic above but is apparently being ignored?) Nobody in any position of authority or with any brains, nobody trying to "rip people off" or whatever cartoonish caricature, etc."

Its all rather convoluted.
EHooper02  +   1137d ago
Nevermind the validity of all of your comments, if anyone had actually worked retail in the weeks leading up to, and even the launch of ME3, ME2 was selling like hot cakes. Especially if it was on sale. This article is much ado about nothing.

Also, Game isn't even carrying ME3.
TekoIie  +   1137d ago
Lol I'm surprised no ones dropped the joke yet ;).

They're fooling people into believing they have mass effect 3 and therefore will experiance a better ending :3
Reborn  +   1137d ago
EA stopped giving GAME titles, after was it SSX?

Usually, that sticker can be anywhere. Not surprising.
Disccordia  +   1137d ago
No like others have said its always top right for game.
Reborn  +   1137d ago
I've seen it on other parts of the case. I know it's usually placed on top right. Should have explained that part. Hahah.
FlashXIII  +   1137d ago
And that's why it's "game over" for game things like this is why the "gamers" turned away from "game". Good riddance to filthy scum.
stumpa  +   1137d ago
WOW look mass effect 3 for £18 new at GAME i need to rush straight down and get it see they aint all bad they still have some bargains
Bodster  +   1137d ago
Nothing wrong with doing this. I used to work at GAME and was always told that the stickers had to be strictly to the top right of the box.

Your average gamer should easily work it out and i'm more than sure staff would clarify that it is ME2 to the customer if they weren't aware.

Old games go in the "Charts" quite often, normally when other new games are out of stock and there is a big amount of stock in another game.
caseh  +   1137d ago
I popped into GAME yesterday to pick up Binary Domain. 'Do you have it in stock?' I asked politely, the kind man behind the counter replied with 'Not new but we do have it pre-owned, i'll just check the price for you'.

Good enough I thought, knowing it can be bought online NEW for £17.99 at the moment I expected a reasonable price no higher than £20, the nice man then looks at the case with a baffled look and mutters 'Its £32'. At that point I kindly said 'No thanks' and walked out.

True story, and this is exactly why GAME deserves to burn, f*ck assed business practices across the board. High street overheads or whatever do NOT justify having pre-owned games marked up at double the price of a new title.
iistuii  +   1136d ago
yep, thats about right. Also the poor sod who traded it in prob only got a tenner for it. Everyone understands their games being a little more expensive due to shops overheads and wages, but their trade in deals are awful. I went to trade a game 10 days old in perfect condition, offered me £12, they were selling them on for £32 2nd hand, ok make a profit, but dont take the piss. well not anymore they wont.
caseh  +   1136d ago
Yeah I had an identical experience when I went to trade in Mass Effect 2, 3 weeks old and they offered me £12. I actually laughed and left the store.

What gets me is they never used to be that bad, I recall trading in UFC 2009 about 2 weeks after its release and I got £28 quid for it, why the massive shift in trade-in prices happened i'll never know. Assumption on my part but most likely greed.
CustardTrout  +   1137d ago
So is Saint's Row 3, it seems like a simple poor choice...
TVippy  +   1137d ago
Read the comments and came to the conclusion that it's not a scam - most likely a coincidence. Of course many people want to finish 2 before 3, that's why it sells good.
xtreampro  +   1137d ago
If you look at all other cases in the picture you can clearly tell that sticking the red label in the top right hand corner is a normal practice of that particular outlet.
StayStatic  +   1137d ago
Doesn't surprise me , they were selling Terraria http://store.steampowered.c... for £20 , its £6 on steam and I personally picked it up for £3 in a Steam sale.

Also whats even funnier is that they still sell DC Universe Online for full price even though its a Free To Play game now ... wtf :/
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SaffronCurse  +   1137d ago
People seem to complain about the smallest things.
ziggurcat  +   1136d ago

*gamers* seem to complain about the smallest things.

you know... like the ending of a video game, and the look of a game character.
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TotalHitman  +   1136d ago
Always check the spine of the case.
NBT91  +   1136d ago
seems legit

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