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Microsoft Confirms XBLA Release Dates For Trials Evolution, Bloodforge, Minecraft And Fable Heroes

Trendy Gamers: Dubbed ‘Arcade NEXT’, Microsoft will be releasing four back to back games starting this Spring on the Xbox Live Arcade. The games included are Trials Evolution, Bloodforge, Minecraft, and Fable Heroes. (Bloodforge, Fable: Heroes, Minecraft, Trials Evolution, Xbox 360)

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WolfLeBlack  +   1256d ago
Well, that's all very well and nice, except for the fact that this news piece doesn't actually give an exact release date for any of those games. Instead we're simply told that these games will be part of something called Arcade Next starting in "spring".

No offense, guys, but your news title is a bit misleading on that one.

EDIT: Glad to see you've fixed the article to include the actual release dates. Might want to add the prices as well, though.
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TrendyGamers  +   1256d ago
Sorry, the site was having some issues but it's fixed and the dates are all up now. Enjoy!
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Yi-Long  +   1256d ago
Minecraft 1600MSP!?!?
... damn... I sure hope that's not going to be the new standard for XBLA games.

I already feel 1200MSP is overpriced for many games. It usually means that I won't be buying those games at launch, instead waiting for a price-drop.

I AM very very excited about Trials Evolution though. Loved TrialsHD and Evolution seems to improve on the first game in every department.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1256d ago
It it pretty much a full on retail game, I wouldn't worry about it becoming standard.
deruy343   1256d ago | Offensive
Convas  +   1255d ago
hey Deruy, news for you "buddy". MajorNelson is the OFFICIAL Microsoft Rep and his site is where this news came from.

So, take you own advice.
N4GGamer  +   1255d ago
Wasn't Play XBLA the OFFICIAL one to release this story not nelson? Anyway whatever, nelson's site is pretty crap anyhowz
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TrendyGamers  +   1256d ago
Trials Evolution is going to be great!
shodan74  +   1256d ago
Looking forward to getting my grubby little hands on Minecraft.
BattleTorn  +   1256d ago

Yes, yes, yes!
AmaZinG  +   1255d ago
Buying Trials and BloodForge
Microsoft arcade festivals are awesome
Jovahkiin  +   1255d ago
May 9th.... sigh
TrendyGamers  +   1255d ago
At least it finally has a date.
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Jovahkiin  +   1255d ago
It's been delayed so it fits into Micrsofts Spring of games with a massive finishing title. As usual its a marketing ploy rather than pleasing the fans. (IMO)
DiRtY  +   1255d ago
I think Fabke Heroes looked awesome. Will pick this one up.
LycanSoldier  +   1255d ago
1600 MSP for Minecraft. Abusing it's large fan base much?
Other than that, looks like a solid line-up.
GroundsKeeperJimbo  +   1255d ago
Compared with the conversion to Euros; it turns out to be about $5 less.
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HaMM4R  +   1255d ago
I completely agree. The most any arcade game should cost is 1200 MSP. 1600 MSP is taking advantage
badkolo  +   1255d ago
trials baby here we come

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