PlayStation 4 Arrival Imminent? What We Know So Far

IBT: Sony's PlayStation series is one of the popular gaming consoles on the planet at the moment apart from Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo.

With the PS3 serving the current generation, fans believe that a new avatar of PS - PlayStation 4 - will integrate brand new features once it hits the market with a more powerful processor, a boat-load of RAM and a rich GPU. However, nothing can be said for certain at the moment.

Nonetheless, here's everything we know about the heavily rumored PlayStation 4

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Relientk772434d ago

I hope it has PS Universal Compatibility.

Hellsvacancy2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I really dont think Sony will make the same mistake again by not addin bc, theres so many awesome games this gen that people will still wanna play many years from now

I dont think itll be that much of a big deal if they dont, i wouldnt mind havin to use my PS3 again after ive bought a PS4, its not like the PS3 is goin to become redundant tech over night like the PS2 did, bluray will be around for long while yet

Id buy the cheaper PS4 (without bc) IF sony go down that route again

Chitown712912433d ago

That these next consoles need to bring some creativity, rather than trying have some cutting edge graphics. I think they've brought this gen, as far as media accessibility goes, especially Xbox Live, and graphics as far as PS3 exclusives go, but I really want them to expand on that. I wanna see connectivity with smartphones and tablets even, and make those accessible through the game. For instance, lets say your playing Gran Turismo could use a Vita, smartphone , or tablet , as a rearview or side view camera. Or a next gen Metal Gear Solid, where you access the protagonist weapons through these devices......I don't know I just want them to be creative. I know Sony has dabbled with these ideas for the PS3, but they never came to fruition. Also Wii-U look like it might go this route, but i don't see Nintendo having a lot of hardcore games....Just my 2 cents lol

Chitown712912433d ago

Im sorry guys, but basically I want this for Home, and if it makes it to games then thats a plus as well. I want online features to be like this.....basically I just want them to really take it to the next level next-gen.....thats what I mean to convey lol

Ilovetheps42433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Meant as a reply to Chitown71291. It didn't reply correctly for some reason

I understand what you mean. But I really just want a good gaming console. I want them to make sure they focus on the games first and then the multimedia functions next. As for the second screen idea. Never been a big fan of the idea. I can see how it could be used but I don't think I would use it that much. Let's just make a massive update to the current console technology. More RAM and stuff like that. I want to see smarter AI. I mean graphics look amazing and there isn't that much farther we can go with graphics so smarter AI is what I'm hoping for.

Chitown712912433d ago

Oh of course dude , Im with you all the way! I just want more creativity, thats all. I want a new way to play and enjoy games, thats basically what I'm saying.....No I'm saying it should be what I said, but I just want them to use they're creative skills with the next gen consoles. And I totally agree with you on the A.I. thing, thats def something thats been lacking this gen. Bubs dude.

DeadlyFire2432d ago

I say graphics still have miles to go for consoles. Next gen being a big shifter towards realism like graphics. Samaritan Demo is just a preview of bottom line power of next generation.

I do see some games taking a step back graphics wise to take on the new level of power in next generation systems to build better game worlds. RPG games could be much more denser crowd wise with smarter options for each AI in those crowds. Adding quite a bit of diversity to the gameplay in RPG game worlds.

opinska2432d ago

to the author of the article: "YOU don't know Sh4t!"

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